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This week:

This week, we look at websites that list remote job positions with “remote” in their website name. We are going to look at

Before we look at want to remind people to evaluate the job positions

When finding job positions anywhere on the Internet, please evaluate the job positions to help avoid job scams. Information on job scams at the Consumer Trade Commission at: Features features include

  • Search for Job Positions
    The main focus of is the ability to search for remote job positions.
    You can search for remote job positions in two ways: By keyword search and by browsing category.

Keyword Search
You can type in keywords you want to find in a job position.
Then hopefully, you will get a listing of job positions containing the keywords (or keywords) you typed in.
You then can select a job position from the job search list to get more details about from the Federal Trade Commission Job Scams –

Browsing Category
You can also find job positions by category.
If you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will see a listing of different categories.
Here is the number of job positions for each category when I searched on

  • Remote Admin and Assistants jobs – 3 jobs found
  • Remote Blockchain and Crypto jobs – 0 jobs found
  • Remote Business Development jobs – 19 jobs found
  • Remote Customer Service jobs – 23 jobs found
  • Remote Data jobs – 19 jobs found
  • Remote Design jobs – 11 jobs found
  • Remote DevOps and SysAdmin jobs – 14 jobs found
  • Remote Education and Coaching jobs – 0 jobs found
  • Remote Finance jobs – 23 jobs found
  • Remote Human Resources jobs – 24 jobs found
  • Remote Legal jobs – 4 jobs found
  • Remote Marketing jobs – 28 jobs found
  • Remote Media and Communication jobs – 3 jobs found
  • Remote Operations jobs – 5 jobs found
  • Remote Product jobs – 42 jobs found
  • Remote Quality Assurance jobs – 1 job found
  • Remote Sales and Partnerships jobs – 25 jobs found
  • Remote Software Development jobs – 52 jobs found
  • Remote Other jobs – 0 jobs found
  • All Remote jobs – 298 jobs found


Here are some conclusions I have from searching for job positions by browsing categories:

  • has about less than 300 remote jobs on their website
  • appears to emphasize technical positions, with the category “Remote Software Development jobs” having the most job positions from all the above categories.


What is in a job description

The descriptions of the job positions I saw will give details about what the job does, the requirements, and the skills also needed to complete the job effectively.
The jobs descriptions will have features like

  • How to apply
    The link will take you to the job position
    When I tested out four job positions, 2 of the job positions were no longer available; 2 other job positions were available.
  • The place where the job position is occurring;
    The United States appeared to have the majority of the job position listed
  • Job Description will list what Browing Categories the job position listed under
  • Job Description lists when a job is posted on


Other features

Some other features listed.

  • Remote Tools (link appears on the top right part of the website screen)
    Remote Tools appeared to be a marketplace of other commercial services that may help fulfill the needs of the remote worker.
    You may want to evaluate the services of that commercial service to see if that commercial service will fulfill your needs.
    One suggestion is to do a Google search with the commercial service name and then add the word “Review” or “Reviews” to the Google search.
  • Magazine (link appears on the top right part of the website screen)
    The magazine gives articles about the remote work field. I found a good layout of magazine articles: clear titles, pictures, and easily able to find articles. The most current article is from July 8, 2021.
  • Sweepstakes (link on the bottom left of the website)
    You have information about sweepstakes conducted by
    I believe the sweepstakes is no longer running.


What I liked about and did not like about

Here is what I liked about

  • Clarify of Purpose makes very clear what the intention of their website happens to be; it is a website that lists remote job positions, and this is the major function of the website.

  • Job positions may be less competitive

(This is my guess). Job positions may be less competitive than those on larger job board sites. Fewer people may visit than larger job board sites.


What I did not like about

  • io has about less than 300 remote jobs on their website
    You may not find the job position you are looking for on this website
  • Some features appear no longer functional. Some features of concern:
    • Remote Magazine Magazine section has their last article from July 8, 2021
    • Sweepstakes feature has a sweepstakes link that gives information about sweepstakes.
      The sweepstake appeared to accept entries no longer.
    • Some job positions no longer work
      I clicked the “Apply Now” link for about four positions listed. Two of the job positions were no longer available. Most job positions may work; these were just the positions I examined.


In Conclusion

I think is worth your time. clarifies what the website is designed to do; lists remote job positions.
You can quickly come to the website and find out if has job positions you want. If you find a job of interest, your job search may be over. If you do not find a job position of interest, you can check at a later time to see what opportunities may exist in the future. may be able to help you in your job search by looking at what opportunities may be available.