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Careers and Environmentally Friendly Companies

You are exploring different career options; and you want to work for an environmentally friendly company.  How do you search for an environmentally friendly company?

Here are some ways to find company information.

(a)       Google Search – You can do a search on Google where you can type in a company name and add the word “environment”.  You can search phrases like “environment impact” or “environment issues” or “environment record” or “environment sustainability: (or some other similar phrase).  You may obtain Google listing of web articles that will give information about the company and their impact on the environment.

(b)       For Public Companies the Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR Search System – Public Companies are a particular type of company structure that allow companies to receive funding from the public.  Public Companies are often listed on financial market exchanges.  Public Companies have a requirement to create financial documents that describe their current financial condition. General public can then evaluate the financial records and evaluate a public company as an investment opportunity.  Public companies have to file their financial documents towards a federal government agency called The Security and Exchange Commission ( The Security and Exchange Commission has an EDGAR System (the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system) that allows a person to look for financial documents. EDGAR located on Security and Exchange Commission web site at  Public Companies may file a common financial document called an Annual Report. An Annual Report can give information on what the company has done in the prior year and what the company want to do in the future. An Annual Report called a 10-K filing in the EDGAR system. An Annual Report can give information on company views towards the environment.

(c) Look at the Company web site – you can look at the company web site to see what the company thinks about the environment

(d) Informational Interviews – a informational interview where a person can talk to a person about their profession. A person could do an information interview and ask the person about their company approach to the environment.

(e) News article – News articles may describe a company environmental impact. A person can search for news articles from library databases. The Library of Congress has a guide called “Doing Company Research: A Resource Guide” that gives information on how to research companies. (from The guide has a section called “Searching for the News” that gives a collection of library databases that a person can search for news articles about a particular company (from You can check your local library to see if your local library subscribes to any of the library databases described in the “Searching for the News” section.

(f) Reference Librarian – a reference librarian can help people find information. You may be able to ask a reference librarian for help in locating information on a company.

You may want to work for a company that has a positive impact upon the environment. The methods listed above can help you gain information about a company. You can evaluate if you want to work for that company or not.

Disconnect from the Internet; focus on your task

Have you ever tried to do something that you know you need to accomplish but you were not interested in doing it? Could be a job-related task like:

  • writing a resume
  • editing the resume
  • writing a cover letter
  • editing the cover letter
  • filling out an application
  • preparing questions to ask in a job interview (sometimes at the end of a job interview you can ask questions)

You may be involved in some type of task you want to complete but you are not interested in doing it; so, for example, you may be bored with editing a resume so…. you decide to get on the Internet to look up the score of your favorite sports team.  You decide you are going to read your favorite sports team score and then go back to editing your resume.

You start to read your favorite sports team score and then you notice an article about a favorite player on your sports team.  You decide to read the article.  You then decide to look up the league information on your favorite sports team; and then look up another article on the weather conditions of a favorite sporting event you enjoy.  One task that you do leads to another

task that leads to another task that then leads to another task and so on.   What was supposed to be a 30 second activity turns out to be a 30-minute activity.


You decide to focus again and go back to editing your resume.  You start to focus on doing your resume and then boredom start to creep in.  You decide just to get on the Internet to listen to a YouTube video on a favorite history topic.  You know the video that you want listen to is only 5 minutes long and then you will get back to editing your resume.  You get on YouTube and watch the 5-minute history video; and then you notice that YouTube has given you suggestions of other videos to watch.  You find a seven-minute history video that would be fun to watch.  What is seven minutes? That a short period of time you think.  I can look at a 7-minute video and then I will get back to editing the resume.  You finish the 7-minute video and then see a suggestion for another video for 12 minutes; and decide to watch that 12-minute video and then watch another suggested video and so on.  Your short time period away from your task can turn out to be a longer period of time.


You decide you really need to focus on editing your resume; so, you go back to editing the resume for a while, and then decide you want to look up the weather forecast on a news web site, as you look for the weather forecast you find a movie review video on a movie you want to see in movie theaters on the news web site, you decide to watch the movie review video, and then you…

The Internet can be filled with many goodies that can occupy your time. The Internet goodies can be:

  • look up your email
  • look at an article of your favorite sports team that you may be interested in following
  • listen to a podcast of a travel show
  • a video of a history of a particular event
  • a video of a relative birthday party
  • a game where you save the world, or better yet same the cosmos

The Internet goodies can occupy a large part of your time when you are trying to get something done.  You can go from one Internet goodie, to another Internet goodie, to another Internet goodie and so on.  You can get into a pattern of jumping back and forth between the task you want to complete and Internet goodies.  The goodies of the Internet can district you from completing what you want to accomplish.

So, what can you do?  You can make a decision to disconnect your computer from the Internet.  Many computer devices will allow you to disconnect from the Internet and then you will not be able to access the Internet goodies.  You can start working on the task that you need to work on; if you feel you need to access an Internet goodie you will get a result similar to “Internet not available”.  You then can go back to the task that you are focused on. You can stay focused on your task until you feel you made enough progress.  You can then decide to connect your computer back to the Internet.  You can stay focused on your task with not being able to access the Internet goodie. You will not have access to Internet goodies to distract you from completing what you want to accomplish.



Another option is to take a break from that the task that you are doing.  You can take a break and then go back to the task that you are doing.  You may be re-energized to focus on your task after having a break.

You may be working on a job-related task that you need to complete but are getting distracted by the Internet; consider to disconnect your computer from the Internet to remain focus on completing the task that you want to focus on.

(This advice will work if the program you are working on does not need Internet access; if the program you are working on needs Internet access; you can attempt to have a timer set up where you say to yourself “I will work on this task for this amount of time”.  You set the timer for that particular period of time and then start the timer.  You then can commit yourself to work on that task for that particular amount of time.  Then you can “reward” yourself with a different activity when the timer period is over).

You found it. Your Dream job. Now copy it.

Story about finding your dream job

You know what your dream job is going to be, and you decide you are going to go after your dream job.
You spend considerable amount of time searching the Internet to find the job position of your dreams.
And then suddenly, you find it – you find the job of your dreams.
You take time to apply for the job position.
You look at the job description and you realize you have time to prepare the application.
You gather your job-related information.  You obtain information like:

  • You gather your current and past employment history
  • You gather your educational history
  • You gather your academic and work rewards
  • You gather the names of your current and past supervisors from your work history
  • You create and analyze your work duties


You spend time creating and evaluating your resume
You spend time creating and evaluating your cover letter.
You finally have all the job-related documents ready to go


You then go online and find your dream job.
You spend time filling out the online application
You double check to make sure all the information is correct on the online application
You triple check the application to make sure there are no errors.
You then click the “Apply” button to submit your application.

Wait for a response from the potential employer

You then wait for a response from the potential employer
The potential employer calls you to arrange an interview
You become very happy for a chance to obtain your dream job.
All your hard work on the application was worth it for you have been invited for an interview

You go online to your potential employer to find the job description and you find…. that the job description is no longer there.  Your potential employer only lists job descriptions when the potential employer is accepting applications for the job position. You cannot find a copy of the job description.

You start to stress and wonder what to do…Until you realize that you had made a copy of the job description.  You go into your word-processor and find a copy of your job description.

You grow more confident about the interview.
You go into the interview and you do a great job.
Your potential employer then offers you the job position
And you accept the offer and you obtained your dream job.  You have obtained the job of your dreams (I like stories with happy endings)

Make a copy of your job description

Make a copy of the job position that you are applying for.  Many organizations will only list the job description while they are accepting applications for the job position.  The job description will no longer be shown when the organization is no longer accepting applications for the job position. Make a copy of the job description so that you can be prepared.

Way to organize copied job descriptions

One way to organize job descriptions is through a word processor.  You can organize the job descriptions in a word – processor file by alphabetical order by the name of the potential employer organization and then by the name of the job title.

Keep a copy of the job description – that way, you can look at the job description if you are invited to a job interview.


Super Bowl Ads can influence career choice

Super Bowl Advertising can influence career choice.

Advertising may influence a person in their career choice. Super Bowl ads for a example.

Super Bowl 55 played on February 7, 2021 gave a example of advertising influencing careers.  Super Bowl in the United States are where two American football teams play for the championships as part of the National Football League (NFL).  One feature of the Super Bowl that people may enjoy are the commercials; and I noticed two different types of commercials that could influence a person career choice.

The two different commercials were:

(1)       Squarespace ( – Squarespace is a web site service that helps business create their own web sites and other online services to help business grow.  In a commercial called “5 to 9” – The commercial gives people encouragement to pursue their own business and have people come to your business with a web site from Squarespace.

(2) – is a web site that helps people find job positions. The commercial gives a positive view (in my interpretation) of looking for job positions a person may want to go into; a person is following a dream of entering a particular career and using to help find dream job positions.

Advertisements can influence careers.  Advertisements on careers can be found in many different places including the Super Bowl.

A collection of Super Bowl for 2021 can be found at the following YouTube page
All Super Bowl LV 2021 Ads & Commercials (GM, Toyota, Doritos, Tide Amazon, Robinhood, Cadillac)
YouTube Channel: Oddshot Compilations
Posted on February 8 2021
YouTube address:
The Description of the view shows when all the different Super Bowl 55 ads are shown.
Squarespace shown at 3:37 in the video, and shown at 31:44 in the video

Time Travel and Light Speed

Busy time of life for me so decided to use a past post about science space; post originally was posted on March 6, 2017 I hope that you enjoy.

Going to post something little bit different from career area going to talk about science

I am not a physicists – and the mathematics of physics gets me lost – I do not understand the math.

I do enjoy physics from an amateur (or lay-person) viewpoint. I enjoy learning about physics ideas that are believed to be true – but do not seem to make sense from my common sense perspective.

One idea is dealing with time; from my personal experience – time travels at the same rate into the future. No matter what you are doing – the time clock is moving into the future at the same rate. You may read about time-travel in the world of fiction; but in the world of reality – time is consistent going at the same rate in the future.

So, when I hear science mentions that time can travel at different rates in the future; this does not fit my common-sense observation of what I actually see – and it is one of the features about physics that I enjoy.

The idea of time and traveling at light speed.
Strange things can happen when a person can travel at light speed.

As I understand it, time can travel at different rates of speed going into the future. You cannot go back in time but can go at different rates of time in the future. If I understand it and if the physics is correct, you can build a time machine going into the future but not the past.

(Not sure of the specifics dealing with the math; just give an example to express an idea)
If you are traveling in a ship at light speed, you may believe that you were traveling for one day; while people on planet Earth would believe that you were traveling for several years. Time travels at a slower speed inside the spacecraft than outside the spacecraft.

Time appears to be a something that can be measured traveling at different rates of speed into the future.

One place on the Internet that gives a good explanation of this is from a science show called Cosmos done by Carl Sagan. (It was a science program done in the 1980’s).

YouTube has a video about this, can find it at:
YouTube Video Address:
Or you can search under YouTube for the title:
“Time Dilation – Travel at Speed of Light – Special Relativity”

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Hope people enjoy

Benjamin Franklin – effective no matter what your age

 Busy time of life for me so decided to use a past post about Benjamin Franklin; post appeared on July 1, 2019; I hope that you enjoy.

Going to post something little bit different from career area going to talk about history

July 4th the day we celebrate the United States Independence from Great Britain, people may think about the American Revolutionary War.  I enjoy reading about the heroes of the American Revolutionary War.  One of the heroes of the American Revolution War I enjoy is Benjamin Franklin – here was a hero that was an inventor, took part in the American revolutionary activities and a successful Business person.

Benjamin Franklin was involved in many of the American Revolution activities at a later age in life. Some of the activities he was involved in were:
•           1776 – Declaration of Independence (Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old)
•           1776 – diplomat to France (Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old)
•           1783 – 1784 Treaty of Pairs – ends the American Revolutionary War (Benjamin Franklin was 77 years old)
•           1787 – United States Constitution Convention (Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old)

For me, Benjamin Franklin can be as an example of what you can do no matter what your age happens to be.  Regardless what age a person may be, a person can be effective and contributor to society – just like Benjamin Franklin.

(source “Benjamin Franklin Timeline 1741 – 1790”

College Career Courses; Ways to explore a career

Do you have an interest in a particular career?

One way to explore a particular profession is to take a college course that will explore a particular profession.  I call these types of courses, college career courses; a course that will survey a particular profession so that you can learn more about that particular profession.  A college or university may offer a college career course to give you an opportunity to explore a particular profession.

A catalog at a community college can give a idea of the number of college career courses taught.  A catalog a publication from a college or university that gives the coursework, polices and information about that college or university.  I looked at my catalog from my local community college called Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska.  The following courses comes from a 2019-2020 Metropolitan Community College catalog.  I am looking at a section in the catalog called “A Place to Start” on page 50.  Some of the courses that are listed are:

  • Introduction to Carpentry
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Career Orientation/Culinary Arts
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Introduction to Electronic Health Records
  • Introduction to Health Information Technology
  • Introduction to the Trades
  • The Paralegal Profession

These are some of the career college courses that a person can take to explore a particular profession. One way to learn about a particular career is to take a college course that explores that particular career

The address to the 2019-2020 Metropolitan Community College catalog is the link below.
I looked at page 50 in the catalog.

Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred

LinkedIn is a social media site that focus on career and job topics; a social media on careers, jobs and other related topics.

One feature of LinkedIn web site is the ability to create a profile; you can create a screen that will list career topics in areas like:

  • Your work history
  • Information about yourself
  • Education history
  • Skills
  • Publications
  • The groups you belong to
    (Groups are people who come together related to a particular similar interest; like occupations)
  • Articles – read articles about careers. You can read articles from other people and write articles yourself.

You can make your profile public where everyone can see the profile.  The public profile can serve as a bulletin board where you can advertise yourself to potential employers.  Ideally, a recruiter would see your profile bulletin board and contact you for potential job opportunities.

When writing your profile, you will want to give your profile a selling angle viewpoint.  You want to communicate how you can help a potential organization rather then communicating how a potential organization can help you.

Example of How Not to Write a LinkedIn Profile

Below is an example how not to write a LinkedIn profile.
The profile was called “Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred
I used the profile to show students in a class I taught at the Omaha Public Library (in Omaha, Nebraska public library)
A class that focused on how to use the Internet to find job opportunities.
The class was done many years ago.

I cannot find the profile anymore; but here is the text of some of the profile
(the text I believe is a copy of the profile that was posted many years ago).

The e-mails listed as and may no longer exist in the Yahoo e-mail system. I long since forgot the passwords for either of these two e-mails so I would no longer able to access the e-mails.

Hope that you enjoy and as always thanks for reading.

Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred LinkedIn profile shown below (show in italic)

“Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred

(not an actual profile, used for Internet Job Hunting class for Omaha Public Library in Omaha, NE; to show students how not to create a profile). Thanks

For comments on fake profile please contact Mike Searson using e-mail at

Job Title: Conflicting Confusing Credit Consultant
Company: Conflicting Confused Consultants Inc.
Industry: Consumer Service 

    • 5 years as a consultant giving conflicting and confusing advice.
    • Have natural talent to take credit for positive ideas thought by others.
    • Have natural talent to claim credit for projects that I was not involved in (some may call that lying).
    • Help add additional work to every project that I have consulted on.
    • My suggestions always added more costs to the project.


  • 50 business gone bankrupt due to my great grand glorious advice
  • All customer service surveys satisfaction have given me lowest rating possible
  • All possible accreditation agencies gave me the lowest rating

One exception to this was an accreditation agency that I created give me the highest possible rating.

E-mail – the e-mail for Fake False Fraudulent Fred – the true e-mail account for me; getting feedback on profile 

Teamwork Player
Strong belief in Teamwork.  Think Teamwork is critical to the survival of an organization and more importantly my needs.  I enjoy environments where I am part of the team and everyone else does the work (therefore team…work).  I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to have teamwork interactions where my kind co-workers are glad to do my workload and I get to leave early and enjoy my extra time off.  Go teamwork!!!

Customer Service
Customer Service is very important for me.  Since I am the ultimate customer in both work and play, I find it’s important for organizations to be centered on me.  I find organizations that will focus upon my goals over the organization goals are places that I find effective to work for.  I believe in the importance of customer service since I am the ultimate customer in everything that I do.  Everyone and everything have to be adjusted towards my needs.

How an organization can contribute to my needs:
I wish to work for an organization that will provide

    • Large Salary
    • Good benefits program
    • Flexible hours
    • And meet my needs in everything.

You can contact me at or call number pie at 3.14…. (if don’t hear a dial tone keep dialing)”

That the end to Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred profile.

Hope that people enjoyed.  Thanks for reading.  Thank you.


When you work on creative projects, you sometimes may find errors – particularly when you are doing the creative content yourself and do not have other people to read through the content to find errors.  Looking back at this profile there was an error; the error was using the word “eliminate” when it should have been “ultimate”.  Details below:

What was on the original profile LinkedIn page:

Customer Service
Customer Service is very important for me.  Since I am the eliminate customer in both work and play, I find it’s important for organizations to be centered on me.

Should be
Customer Service
Customer Service is very important for me.  Since I am the ultimate customer in both work and play, I find it’s important for organizations to be centered on me.

Just in case the Fake False Fraudulent Fictitious Fred LinkedIn profile out there some place in the Internet universe and someone finds it; I did make the following change to the original desorption

The Job Hunter’s Secret Success Sauce …Career Coach and Feedback



Have you tried an activity and were not successful at it and you do not know the reason why?

You could do activities like:

  • shooting a basketball at a basketball hoop and not being successful in making baskets
  • try cooking a complicated food dish and not cooking the food right
  • you drive in a city and you are lost and cannot find the location you are looking for
  • you try to solve a hard scientific problem for class and you cannot find the solution

You may have situations that despite your best efforts, you cannot figure out how to be successful with that particular activity.  How do you find solutions to situations that you do not know how to solve?

You find a coach who can provide you feedback.

Often in the job market, a person will be in the process of applying for job positions; and the person receives feedback being:

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No…. Maybe (you get hopeful at a potential opportunity and…the…results…is…No) …No, No, No, No, No, No, No…. You keep getting No

You will get the result of No, but you will not get any feedback as to why you are not being successful.  A coach may be able to give you feedback on what you are doing well and what you are not doing well.

A career coach may have other titles like career counselor.

Where do you find a career coach?

Some places that you can find a career coach can be:

  • Non-profit organizations (Goodwill is an example of a Non-Profit that can provide career coaches to help people) (Goodwill is at
  • State Workforce Development office – a state workforce development office may provide career experts for you (check with the state you are in).

You may be able to use a state workforce development office in a state you are not a resident; you may find another state workforce development office may have services that work for you.

  • Colleges/Universities – college/university help their students and alumni with their career goals; a college/university may help the public (contact a college and/or university on their policies in helping the public).


  • Private Sector- you hire a career coach for the private sector

Pay for sessions as you have them; do not pre-pay

If you pay for a career coach, one idea I would suggest is that you do a pay-as-you-go-arrangement.  You pay for the sessions that you see the career coach.  I would recommend not pre-paying for a collection of sessions ahead of time; you may decide that you do not like the services that you are receiving from the career coach.  You may risk the danger of paying for a service that you decide not to use.

You can try a career coach and the career coach does not work for you; you can try a different career coach.  Sometimes a career coach can be a great professional; but sometimes the career coach and a client may not always be a good fit; so, a career coach may not work for you while that career coach may work for someone else.

I do have one specific recommendation as to what career coach I have found to be useful; the Career Coach is below:

Cindy Wagner- Omaha Career Coach
Web site:

She not meeting people personally due to the pandemic at this current time, but she can meet with people online – so she can meet with you regardless of geographical distance.

Should mention that I am not getting paid for this recommendation; I used this person and have found person to be useful. I have found her to be helpful with my career journey. Thank you.

You may be able to gain advantages from seeking feedback from a career coach.






Pain – a influence of career choice

People may have many different influences when deciding upon a career; a person may choose a career based upon

  • the pay
  • the location
  • the benefits
  • the schedule
  • the prior personal connection to a particular location
  • the mission of the organization
  • the geography of where the organization is located

There can be many different influences that may influence a person career decision.
One particular influence can be pain.

Sometimes a person may have difficulty doing a particular activity that may create pain for the person.  A person will likely want to avoid doing that particular activity that creates pain.  A person will likely want to be in a job position that will not contribute to their pain.  For example, a person may have a back problem that limit a person from lifting above 10 pounds.  A person would likely then want to find a job position that does not require a person to lift above 10 pounds

So how does one do a job search based upon the physical, how does one avoid job positions that may create pain?  Here are some ideas that may be helpful

Just to mention I am not a medial doctor or lawyer – please see an expert for individual guidance)
I also saying physical to mean both physical and mental difficulties that a person may have.

Get Expertise help

I think searching for a job position based upon the physical; is one of the more difficulty ways to search for a job.  You are not going to find a job search engine that will allow you to separate job positions based upon the physical (or nothing I have seen).  You are going to have a lot of stress dealing with both the physical issues and the job search.  An expert may be able to for example give ideas on how to approach a potential employer with your physical difficulty.


Here some experts to look at:

  • Medical Doctor – get medical advice on the physical difficulty that you have; specially, get medical advice on what you can do physically and what you cannot do physically. For example, you may have a bad back that makes lifting difficult, A doctor may be able to define the weight limit for your back. A doctor then may write written documentation for you

There are two advantages from

  • First, your medical information will serve as evidence that you have a particular physical difficulty (a particular employer then may accept or be able to accommodate the physical difficulty)
  • Second, you will have some idea of what job positions to search for. If a doctor says do not lift above 10 pounds, you can try to search for job positions that do not require lifting above 10 pounds.
  • Career Experts

Try to find career experts who may be able to help you with searching for the physical.  Some options could be:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation – these are state offices that can help people with physical difficulties in helping to find a job position. Each state and Washington D.C. have vocational rehabilitation offices; you can do an Internet search typing in the state (or Washington D.C.) that you are interested in and then also type “Vocational Rehabilitation” to get more information
  • Career Coach – a career coach may be able to give you advice on the physical; career coach may be able to help you search for job positions that may not give you pain.

Other ideas

  • Social group – when you are searching for a job position based upon the physical; you are doing to be having enough stress; your social group can help you in giving you support and second your social group may be able to network for you in finding job positions once you have some ideas of what job positions you like to look at.
  • Physical and/or mental career associations that focus upon a particular difficulty. The association may be able to give career information that can be helpful for people.  For example, the National Association of the Deaf helps give career information to deaf people.

Go to

Then click Resources

This will open up a menu

Then click Employment

  • Informational Interviews – a informational interview is a way you can talk to people in the profession that you are interested in going into; an informational interview may be a way that you can learn more about the physical area in a particular profession
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – the Occupational Outlook Handbook is a government publication that comes out every two years; the Occupational Outlook Handbook gives information on many different career fields. You can go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and sometimes gain some knowledge of the physical activities needed for that career.

Go to – the Occupational Outlook Handbook

You can then search for career fields by keyword search and by category

You can then go into a particular career field and then choose “Work Environment” section of a particular career

  • Job position itself – sometimes the job position itself can sometimes give details on the physical; I will often see this on job descriptions from larger organizations
  • You may often not know the physical features of a job position when you are first applying for the job; you may find it valuable to apply for jobs that you are not sure about, and then learn more about the job in a job interview and/or job offer.  You can then better evaluate the job once you learn more about it. (again, I would suggest using an expert to gain guidance on how best to approach a potential employer with your difficulty)


Own Business
No one know you better than you.  You may want to consider owning your own business (either full or part time).  You are in full control of how to do the tasks; this can be advantage for some people who may need to have work adjustments but they can do the work adjustments for themselves with their own business.  Some ideas of where to start a business could be:


  • – an organization of volunteer business people who can help people start and grow their business. is connected with the Small Business Administration.
  • Small Business Administration a federal government agency that can give you information on starting and growing your business.