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Career Exploration and Career Stuff: Franchises and Benefit Packages

Series of Blog posts on career stuff. Focus will be on career exploration and Internet job resources. My hope is that you will find the information helpful in your career journey. As with anything you read on the internet, please evaluate the information you read and use the specific information that helpful to you.

Let’s pretend you see a business called ABCD$$!! Store in your local corner in your town; you understand the ABCD$$!! Store has a good benefits package – so you apply and accept a job position at the ABCD$$!! Store at your local corner; you find the benefits offered by the ABCD$$!! Store at your local corner is different than the ABCD$$!! Store organization you know – let’s say the ABCD$$!! Store at your local corner has a better benefits package than you expected.

How can organization with the same name have two different benefit packages – one answer can be franchises.

A franchise where an owner will create a new organization using the same name of a different organization; the owner may pay a fee to use the different organization name; the owner may gain in name recognition if the different organization known to the public.  The owner may have freedom in some areas on operating the new business – some of these new areas can be having a different benefit package.  This is one way you can have two different benefits packages from two different organizations that have the same name.

When exploring a particular job of interest, look at the benefit package – you can see if that benefits package matches your needs.

Two organizations may have the same name – but the organizations may be different.  The different organizations may operate differently – including having different benefit packages offered to people.   You may want to explore what benefits package comes with the new job position before accepting the job position – that way you can determine if the new job position matches your needs.