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Career Exploration and Career Stuff: Make yourself know post your stuff example: Reedsy

Series of Blog posts on career stuff. Focus will be on career exploration and Internet job resources. My hope is that you will find the information helpful in your career journey. As with anything you read on the internet, please evaluate the information you read and use the specific information that helpful to you.

You feel that you have stuff that you can offer people on the Internet;
you hope that people will pay for your stuff.
Some places on the Internet will allow you to work as a freelancer;
a place where you can post your stuff

Have different places on the Internet where you can post your stuff.  One place is called Reedsy
will allow you to post your stuff and you can have (hopefully) people contact you for money for the stuff that you are able to do for people.   Here some details about Reedsy

Reedsy (
Reedsy geared towards writers.  Reedsy will list experts who can help a person with their writing career.  You may have to login in to see all the experts.  Some of the experts can be:
* Editing
* Design
* Publicity
* Marketing
* Translation
* Ghostwriting (which means you pay the person to write your stuff.  The person may not receive credit for it. Good article with a description of Ghostwriting is “What is a Ghostwriter?” (from or more specifically ( has different resources for writers who wish to be freelancers)
* Website

Reedsy has information on how to become listed as an expert in an article called “How Does Reedsy Select its Publishing Professionals?” (from

Also have an e-book called Make Money from Home Online, available on Amazon. (listed on the Offers page)

As always, thanks for reading. Thank you.