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Community Colleges Opportunities in Life

Community Colleges are educational institutions of opportunities.  Community College are two-year educational institutions where many of these programs will offer an associate degree.

Some of the opportunities a Community College can be:

(a)        Place of training for a GED – People may not have a high school diploma.  Community College may offer programs that help a person obtain their GED.  GED stand for General Educational Development Test.  The GED may be able to serve as an equivalent credential for a person who does not have a high school diploma

(b)        Continuing Education – Community Colleges may offer Continuing Education courses that can help a person gain knowledge for themselves and their careers.  Course can be non-credit hour courses.  Courses could be in areas like business, computers, cooking, dance, history, finance, sports, photography, and other areas.

(c)        Academic Courses – Academic programs can offer education in particular profession.  Programs could range from certificates to associate degrees.  Academic areas could include areas like business, culinary, management, marketing, human resources, media, fine arts, music, theater, nursing, dental, engineering, construction, Automotive Maintenance, early childhood, education, criminal justice, information computer technology and others.

(d)       Transfer to a 4 – year college institution – Community Colleges may be an option to obtain a 2 – year college education at a Community College and then transfer to a 4 – year college institution to obtain a bachelor degree.  Community Colleges may be able to provide a cheaper option to the costs of an education in obtaining a bachelor degree.  Cost may be cheaper beginning a college career at a Community College and the transfer to a 4-year college bachelor institution.  The Community College may have transfer fairs that can provide information on 4-year college bachelor institutions that college students can transfer to.

People who explore Community Colleges may want to explore

(a)        Catalog – the catalog is a publication from the Community College that gives detailed information about the Community College.  A person thinking about enrolling at a Community College can find useful information from the catalog.  The catalog may have information on academic programs, departments in the college, and financial aid options and other areas.

(b)        Financial Aid – Financial Aid may help people with paying for their education.  Financial Aid office at the Community College can be a resource to learn about Financial Aid options.

Community Colleges may be an option for opportunities for your life and career.  Consider exploring the Community Colleges in your local areas for opportunities.