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Have a spare: ideas for using the Internet to make money, job search, or a combination of both


You have a flat tire.

You are driving down the street, and you notice you have a flat tire.
So, you go to the side of the road and use a spare tire to get back on the road quickly.

Sometimes in life, having a spare replacement can be helpful.

When you are doing your job hunting, or make your living online, or a combination of both, you may find it valuable to have a spare, a replacement to get you back on the Internet. Extra replacements in the following may be helpful.


You may find it valuable to have a spare computer. You may find it helpful to have an extra computer in case your computer fails. You may find a moderately priced laptop computer that will serve your needs.


You may find it to your advantage to have a spare telephone in case your phone fails. The extra phone can help you connect with people quickly if your phone fails. You may find a pre-paid phone helpful as an option to keep costs down.

If you use a pre-paid phone, make sure your plan is current

If you use a pre-paid phone, ensure you have enough data, text, and messages in storage to communicate with clients and potential employers.
You will not want to be in the middle of a vital conversation to suddenly end, for you ran out of minutes on your pre-paid phone.

Internet connection

You may find it helpful to have options to re-connect to the Internet if your original Internet connection fails. You can consider the following ideas:

Wi-Fi Hotspot

A Wi-Fi Hotspot is another route by which you can access the Internet for your computer.
YouTube video that explains a hotspot is:

YouTube Title: What is a Hotspot?
YouTube Date: Nov 10, 2019
YouTube Channel: PowerCert Animated Videos

Ways to have a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You may have options in finding a Wi-Fi Hotspot that may work for you. Below are some ideas. You can also search Google using a phrase like “Wi-Fi Hotspots options.” to gain ideas.

You May Need a Mobile Data Plan

You may need mobile data to plan to access the Internet with your Wi-Fi Hotspot.  You can search Google with the phrase “Mobile Internet plans for hotspots” for options:

Here are some ideas to have Wi-Fi hotspots.

Your Smartphone

You may use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
YouTube video that gives ideas is:

YouTube Title: How to Turn Your Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
YouTube Publishing Date: Apr 16, 2021
YouTube Channel: PCMag

Your Computer

You may use your computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot device. Check your individual computer for capabilities to see if this is an option.

A YouTube video that gives ideas is

YouTube Title: How To Turn Windows 10 Computer Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot | Create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10
YouTube Publishing Date: Apr 5, 2020
YouTube Publisher: ProgrammingKnowledge2

Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Device

You can get Portable Mobile Wi-Fit Device to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can use to access the Internet.
YouTube video that gives ideas is:

YouTube Title: Best Portable and Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots in 2021 [Tested & Reviewed]
YouTube Date: May 3, 2020
YouTube Channel: TechEmpire

You may find it helpful to have spare devices when using the Internet for job searching, making a living from the Internet, or combining both. A spare can make it possible to recover when something goes wrong and get back to what you were doing.