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You may be concerned about the pandemic; you may have a high risk of health problems related to the pandemic given your background.  And you may be searching for a job, what do you do?

One option may be remote jobs – if you have a computer and access to the Internet you may be able to explore working in your own home.  Some resources that could help could be:

Job Sites

You may be able to find job positions on the Internet using a job site web page, you may be able to find remote jobs using job site web pages.  Two types of job sites may be helpful

  • Job sites that specialize in remote jobs – these are job sites where their focus is on remote jobs. Here are some resources that give information on remote job sites.“62 Best Remote Jobs Websites to Find a Great Remote Job (Fast) in 2021”
    January 2, 2021 by Ryan Robinson

    62 Best Remote Jobs Websites to Find a Great Remote Job (Fast) in 2021

    Good resource – would recommend everyone to look at it“THE 25+ BEST SITES FOR FINDING REMOTE WORK ONLINE IN 2021”
    Could not find when article was published By Adda Birnir“25 Sites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs”
    August 31, 2018 by Randle Browning

    “The 18 Best Remote Job Boards in 2020”
    Could not find when article was published by Biron Clark

    I found these resources by doing a Google search like “places that list online remote job positions”
    Flex jobs is a specific job site that focus on job positions  that are remote.  Flexjobs a useful resource site to find telework remote jobs.  You do have to sign up for a subscription service to use the resource.  I believe it is a good resource.

  • General job sites –Job Web sites on general jobs; General job web sites focus on a wide collection of jobs. Jobs could be an electrician to a teacher.  You can search for remote online jobs by doing a search that has two features:

(1)        Search for jobs in your career field

(2)        Search for remote online jobs
For some search engines, this can be typing in terminology that expresses you interest in remote online jobs.  Some of the terminology could be
“Work at home” (search as a phrase often put quotes around it)
“Word from home” (search as a phrase often put quotes around it)

You may be able to put the word “remote” in the location square in a search in a general job site.  General job sites like and you have the option of typing in the word “remote” in the box location in the search job database.

You may find a remote online job for your particular profession

Federal government – federal job positions describe remote jobs as “telework”
You can use a website called to access job positions in the federal government.

You an access telework job positions by applying telework as a filter feature.  A person will use a filter when a person obtains a large job choice list.  A person may have a job choice list with many job positions that a person may not want.  A person may find it helpful to reduce the job choice list to obtain a more focused job list.  A person may find a job they are looking for from a focused job list.  A filter can help reduce the job list and get a more focused job search.
To use the telework filter you need to first conduct a search.
You can type in a search in the keyword box and then (hopefully) you will get a job list.
You can then use the telework filter.
You can click “More filters” option on the right site of the screen.
You will then get a menu of options you can select “Offers telework”.
Your job list will then be reduced by the telework filter.

You can see the telework option in the job description by looking at the “Location” section in a job description.  The Location section will have the phrase “Telework eligible: Yes as defined by agency policy”.
I will demonstrate how to obtain this telework filter in my podcast on the Live Your Life Learning channel on YouTube

Temporary Agencies
            Temporary agencies may provide options in remote work; one of the areas can be a temporary agency called
            Go to
            Click “Job Seeker”
            You can see jobs under “Remote” in the location section of a job search options
            You can also see a list of remote jobs in the “Helping you find remote jobs” section and click the box of “See Remote Jobs”
            You will get a list of jobs

Update your skills
            You may be able to be a student; you may be able to go to a college and/or university to obtain new skills.  You may then be able to take classes remotely in online classes.
            I particularly like Community Colleges – they may be able to offer you courses that can be less cost than what can be found at 4 years colleges and universities

Totally remote or partially remote
            You may not be able to tell from the job description if the job is completely remote where you do not go into an office.  Or the job position may be partly remote where you will go into an office from time to time.  You could apply for the job position; and then find out about the remote policies at the time of the interview.

Thank you for reading. May 2021 be the year we get back to normal.  May everyone be safe.