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Job position in different Internet locations may give more details about the job position

You found a job description on the Internet; you found all the details of the job right?  Well Maybe?

Sometimes when an organization is recruiting for a job position; that organization will post the job position on many different locations on the Internet; you may find many places where that job position is placed on the Internet

Sometimes if you find the job position on the different places on the Internet; you may find a job position will have more job details in one location rather than a job position at another location.  For example, where you might find a job position on a general job site and then find the same job position with more job details on a organization web site.  You then may be able to use these additional details to your advantage in your job search.

A job position may vary between different places; you may be able to find more details of a job position in different locations; if you find a job position on a general job web site; look at the organization web site to see if the same job positions may be listed with more details.