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Where to Look for Remote Opportunities: LinkedIn “#open to work.” Feature

This week we look at LinkedIn. The next post will be on Wednesday, May 17th.
We look at the “#open to work” feature on the LinkedIn profile.

Please be aware
The “#open to work” feature may not be helpful for everyone.

If you are employed and do not want your current employer to know you’re looking for another position, you may not want to use the “#open to work” feature. You may not want to communicate with your current employer that you’re seeking other opportunities.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media site specializing in helping people connect with other business professionals and helping people find remote opportunities.

LinkedIn profile

One feature LinkedIn has that can help job seekers is the LinkedIn profile.

The LinkedIn profile is a specialized web page on the LinkedIn website where you can list your career-related information. The career-related information can include your:

  • Career Interests
  • Past/Current Employment History
  • Pass/Current Educational History
  • Skills
  • Recommendations
  • Publications
  • Courses
  • Honors/Awards

The LinkedIn profile is a bulletin board. The LinkedIn profile bulletin board can advertise to potential employers how you can contribute to their success.

You can let potential employers know you are interested in opportunities using the “#open to work” feature.
The LinkedIn profile gives you a circle profile picture of yourself.
When you use the “#open to work” feature, you can display a green bar with the white letters phrase “#open to work” on your circle profile picture of yourself.
You can communicate with the potential employer that you are interested in opportunities.

Here’s how to use the “#open to work” feature:

  • Go to LinkedIn.
  • Log into your existing account or create a new account.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile.
  • Underneath your circle profile picture and a brief description of yourself, you will find an “Open To” curved circle box.
  • Click the “Open To” curved circle box.
  • You would then get a short menu of options.
  • Select the option that says.
    Finding a new job: show recruiters and others that you’re open to work.
    You will then get another screen that says “add job preferences.

You can put in the job features that you’re looking for.

Some of the job features can be:

  • Job Titles you are looking for
  • Start Date
  • Job Type
  • Workplace

Under the “Workplace” option, you can show an interest in a remote position.

At the bottom, you can select “All LinkedIn Members” if you want everyone to see that you’re looking for remote opportunities. You will then get the “#open to work” phrase to appear on your circle professional picture on your LinkedIn profile.