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Make yourself know post your stuff example

You feel that you have stuff that you can offer people on the Internet;
you hope that people will pay for your stuff.
Some places will allow you to work as a freelancer;
a place where you can post your stuff

Have different places on the Internet where you can post your stuff.  One place is called will allow you to post your stuff and you can have (hopefully) people contact you for money for the stuff that you are able to do for people.   Here some details about
Place where people can post their stuff; and hope that people will want to pay for their stuff. has areas like
* Graphic & Design
* Digital Marketing
* Writing & Translation
* Video & Animation
* Music & Audio
* Programs & Tech
* Lifestyle (had information on courses; how to create a course)
* Industries

Have a wide variety of stuff.  The areas are listed as separate columns towards the top of the web page (about 1/3 of the way down from the introductory part of the page)

Have a section called “Becoming a Seller”.  This has information on being able to offer your stuff on

Also have courses that you can take to increase your knowledge