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Organized Equals Happy Job Search

Imagine the following

You are in your current job position; when you decide a time for a change, time for an extra shift in direction, time for something different. You choose to search for (let’s say) a trainer position. So, you decide to look for a new job position. You gather your career information (your past employers, educational history, references, and related information). You then work on your job-hunting documents like a cover letter, resumes, and references. You then edit the job-hunting records to create great-looking job-hunting documents.

Once you have the job-hunting documents created, you then apply for job positions. You search the Internet for job positions and apply to them. For some applications, you fill out an online application. For others, you send in just a resume and cover letter; you can show an interest in many unique positions. You feel you are making significant progress in sending out various applications to different job positions.

You’ve been sending out stuff for a while, and then you check your phone for messages. You find that there is one message on your phone. You decide to listen to the phone message. And the phone message is good news–you have an invitation for an job position. Company Good Luck Go G Fake Company decides to invite you to an job interview.  You are happy with being considered for the company; you feel you are making progress with your job search.

You then decide to gather your materials about the Good Luck Go G Fake Company. And…… you run into a problem. You cannot find records related to Good Luck Go G Fake Company, or not at least right away. You seemed to have the habit of saving your files in about any place on your computer, calling the names of your files about any inspired name you thought of at the moment you saved the file, and not knowing when you saved the files. You have lost your file on the computer. After many hours of searching, you luckily can find your Good Luck Go G Fake Company cover letter, resume, and job description.

You can accomplish more organized. Job Searches go better organized. Here is one way to stay organized dealing with word-processing files. I used Microsoft Word as my word processor.


Folders in real life can bring related documents together in one place. Digital folders on the computer can store related digital documents together in one place. When you are applying for job positions, you can create a folder called “Places applied to”

Go in the “Places applied to the folder and then created a folder of the name of each place you applied to. Word will automatically alphabetical folder names. You can have an alphabetical list of the different places you have applied to. The alphabetical order helps you find information on a particular place you applied to. You can then put everything related to that specific place in that folder. Common items can be resumes, cover letters, and job descriptions.

“Places Applied to” file

You can create a “Places Applied to” word file that could list all the unique positions you applied to. A file like this can help you know what job positions that you applied to. You can organize the file in alphabetical order by the name of the places you applied to. Each entry can have information like job position and when applied.

For example, you can have:

Bob Bakery
Job Position: Cook
Applied: August 5, 2021

Susan Soup
Job Position: Soup Specialist
Applied: August 5, 2021

Tod Tubas
Job Position: Tubas Specialist
Applied: August 5, 2021

The places can be bold, making them easier to find.

“Accounts” file

Sometimes, in the job search, you will create accounts. You will go to a particular website, and you will create an account. You may find it helpful to have a file that will organize the account names. You can create a file called “Accounts.” And then, you can have the file managed by the alphabetical order of the places that you created an account. Each entry then can have information like Username and Password. An example could be:

Bob Bakery
Username: BobBakeryOne
Password ABCDEF123$

Susan Soup
Username: SusanSoupOne
Password: ABCDEF123$

Tod Tubas
Username: TodTubasOne
Password: ABCDE123$

An account file can be effective in knowing what accounts you create.

Having an organized job search will create a more effective job search.