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Phone Messages

Imagine that you are in the job search; and a potential employer has been impressed with your resume, cover letter, application and anything else you may have sent to your potential employer. Your potential employer decides to give you a phone call, you are not able to pick you the phone, so the phone call goes to voice mail and the potential employer hears the following possible responses:

  • “Mailbox is currently full – not able to leave a message.”
  • “Mailbox is currently not set up – not able to leave message.”
  • “Hey you, where the party? Leave a message.”
  • “Why are you bothering me, if you must leave a message then do so?”
  • “You know what to do, so do it?”
  • “Hey you, if you want to support my early retirement fund please leave message, I will call you back to give you details on how you can support my early retirement.”
  • “This is Great Grand Glorious Genius, if you like to leave message you small being then do so?”
  • “So, you decide to leave a message, why?”
  • “Hello, this is space station A453546, did not get message, please leave message?”
  • “Hello” (nothing else)
  • “Welcome to untitled masterpiece.” (nothing else)”
  • “Ok, finish the story, you are…” (nothing else)

(messages are created messages not actual messages)

Your voice mail message may determine if you hear back from potential employers.  Make sure your phone system able to accept voice-mail messages and make the voice mail message professional so that you do not miss on opportunity.