Live Your Life Learning

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Plan to do a post once a week, e-books, and YouTube channel

Have a YouTube Channel called Live Your Life Learning that people may enjoy
(go to YouTube and use the search feature and search for “Live Your Life Learning” or can also try a Google search and search for “Live Your Life Learning”)

Also have the following E-books available on Amazon available for people to enjoy
* Mega Gazillion, Contests & Fun: Collection of Ideas
* According to Google…questions for your brain
* How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals: Collection of Ideas
* Job Hunting Guidebook: Collection of Ideas
* Impressionistic, Impressive, Imaginative Information Guide Prime Premium Platinum Edition: Letters, Numbers, and Images
* Impressionistic, Impressive, Imaginative Information Guide: Alphabet Letters
* Fake, False, Fraudulent, Fictitious, Fun, Funding Career Job Guide
(also listed in the Offers Page)

People who read Live Your Life Learning will know that posts can vary when they occur (do posts as I have time and energy to do them); I have more commitments with my time at the moment so plan to do a post about once a week for the future (at least for awhile);  just have more commitments for my time.  As always, thanks for reading.