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Reviews – May help to avoid working for a company that is a (Bleep) (Bleep)

Movies. Do you enjoy movies?

I know I do. Or more specifically, I enjoy some movies and some movies I do not want.

Question: How do you know what movies to see and what movies not to see?
Answer: Use Movie reviews

I find reviews can be a tool that can help people. Reviews can give you more information about the movie. Movie reviews can provide more information about a film to help you determine if you wish to see the film or not.

The same for a potential employer
Reviews on companies from current and past employees can give a person additional information on a potential employer. The review may provide more details about the inner culture of that company.

Evaluate the information
You need to evaluate the reviews you read – you have to assess the information, like all information you may read.

Places you can find employee company reviews
Here are some places that you can find reviews about working for a potential company. is a website that lists job positions. A person can access to find job openings that may work for them. gives access to reviews on companies.

Here are some different ways to access company reviews.

Go to gives you different ways to access reviews.

Browse Companies (towards the bottom of the screen)
You can scroll down to the bottom of the page.
You will then see the link that says “Browse Companies.”
You will then get a “Browse companies by name” screen.
You use the company name and the alphabet to find the company information.
You then may find company reviews once you find the company.

“Company Reviews” link (towards the top of the screen)
On top of the home screen, you will see a link that says “Company Reviews.”
Click the link “Company Reviews.”
You then will get a screen that says, “Find great places to work: Get access to millions of company reviews” you can search for a company in the search box name “Company name or job title.”
Type in the company name, and you may find review information.

Job Positions
You may access review information directly from a job position
When you see a particular job position, you can see the company name under the job title.
Next to the company’s name, you can see
a number (for the job position on the left part of the screen) or
the words “reviews” (for the job position on the right part of the screen)
You can click the number or the word “reviews” to find review information about the company.

Glassdoor (

Glassdoor is a website that gives information about jobs; people can access Glassdoor to find job positions.
Glassdoor will also allow you to access reviews about the company.
Go to
You then will need to create an account to access the information (accounts are free).
You then will have a screen giving a search box on top of the screen
Type in the company you want more information on.
You will then get a short menu under the search box.
One choice will be “Reviews.”
Select that choice, and you may find review information.


You can type in Google for company review information.

Employee review
To find employee review information, type the company’s name you want to find information on along with the phrase “Employee review.” You may then get choices of employee review information on that company.

Customer reviews
You may also find it helpful to find customer review information on that company; what do customers think about the company.
You can type in the company you want to find information on and then type in the word “review.” You may find customer review information on a company.

Reviews from employees (past and current) may give you information about a company. Reviews may help you from working for an employer who is a (Bleep) (Bleep).