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Stress from a job search? Take time away from the Job Search

Sometimes, when a person is searching for a job position, they can feel stressed. You may benefit from getting away from the job search for a while and doing an activity that you enjoy doing.

Here are some activities to consider.:

  • Hobby–look into doing a hobby that may interest you
  • Read something–read a book, magazine, or other documents
  • Movie–watch a film that interests you
  • Get involved–may get involved on a particular issue that interests you
  • Social connections–people are social animals; people are social beings; you may find it valuable to stay in contact with people. Social connections may help you with the stress you may have
  • Look up something positive–find positive news on the Internet. You can search on Google (or another search engine) with words like “Good news” or “Positive news.” You may get search results that allow you to read the positive news occurring in the world

In my opinion, you may often hear news coverage as negative rather than positive. You will hear about the bus driver who crashed their bus, killing seven people, rather than the bus driver who successfully and safely transported people for 30 years. If you want to read about positive stuff in the world, search for positive news on the Internet and see what you find.

  • Look on the Internet to learn more about a hobby or passion that interests you–you can look on the Internet to find a passion or hobby you enjoy. For example, you can learn more about astronomy if you enjoy astronomy as a passion
  • Comedy–laughter can improve a person’s mood. You may enjoy watching your favorite comedian or a comedy movie

In conclusion, you may experience stress in the job search. You may benefit from taking time away from the job search. You then can do an enjoyable activity to re-charge your energy before getting back into the job search again.