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The where: Job Boards that focus on Remote Job Positions (

For the next few posts, I like to focus on Job Boards that focus on Remote job positions.
I would like to start by focusing on

Flexjobs (

Flexjobs website has the following sections:

(1) My Dashboard
(2) Find Jobs
(3) My Job Search Activity
(4) Articles
(5) Learning Center
(6) Career Advice
(7) Events & Webinars

We will now look at each of these sections.

(1) My Dashboard

My Dashboard has features like

  • Resume Profile–Here, you can post your resume.
    Ideally, you can create a resume; recruiters will find you and offer you job offers.


  • Message Box – You find different messages that come from Flexjobs.
    From my personal use, most of the messages were information about upcoming classes Flexjobs was offering.


  • Remote Job Market Map – You can learn facts about the remote work industry
    For example, you can see a map of the United States where each state shows you the percentage of the number of people who work in the remote work industry.

(2) Find Jobs

I see in the Find Job section where you can find jobs.

One advantage of jobs found on Flexjobs is that Flexjobs will filter the job positions to increase the odds that the job positions are of high quality (reduce the odds of a spam job position, for example).

You have two different ways to search for job positions in the Flexjobs database: Keyword Search and Browse by Category.

Keyword Search

You can do a keyword search by typing in particular terms.
Type in the keywords that you want to find.
Ideally, you have a list of job positions displayed because of the keyword search.


You determine how you want the jobs to be displayed

You have two choices on how you want your job search list to be displayed

  • By Relevance–By default, Flexjobs will display jobs by Relevancy.
    Flexjobs will first display job positions that Flexjobs think come the closest to the keywords you typed in.
  • By Date–You can display job search results when the job is posted in the Flexjobs database system.


The right Side of the Screen Gives a More Detailed Job Description.

The listing of job positions will be displayed.
If you find a job you are interested in, you can click the job position to have a more detailed job description on the right side of the screen.


After the initial keyword search, you have additional search options.

You have additional search options displayed after your initial job search.
Some additional search options are:


Location Search Box

You may ask yourself, “Why are we searching for a location for a remote job?”
The answer is that some remote job positions may have physical geographical limitations.
For example, a potential employer may recruit for job positions in a particular area (a potential employer may require a person to live in a specific state in the United States, for example).

A remote job position may be a Hybrid position–where a person spends some time at their home while spending some other time at the office. Since a person needs to come to an office, this will impose a geographical limit.


Tips? Link

To the right of the search area is a “Tips?” link.
Click the “tips?” link will give you information on operators you can use in the search box to focus your search.
Operators are instructions you type in a search box that will give you control over how the keywords you type in are searched in that database.

For example, Flexjobs uses the (“+”) plus mark to be interrupted as a AND operator.
A AND operator means both keywords next to the AND operator must be in a job description for the job description to be displayed. The two words do not need to be next to each other, but the two words must be displayed somewhere in the job description.


“Remote” Box

The “Remote” box gives you the option on what type of Remote job position you want to find.
You click on the “Remote” box and will be given a menu of options.
Some options on the list are:

  • “100% Remote” Remote job positions where people can work entirely from their homes; they do not need to go into an office.
  • “Hybrid”–Remote job positions where people sometimes work at your home; and you sometimes at the employer’s office.


“Career Level” Box

The “Career Level” Box gives you options of what type of career level you are looking for.
Click the “Career Level” box to get a menu of options.
You have choices ranging from entry-level to senior-level management positions.

Browse by Category

You can also search for job positions by browsing by category.
You can see a list of different categories.
Click a category of job positions you are interested in
You will then get a job listing for jobs in that category.
For example, if you are interested in education & training jobs, you can click the “Education & Training Jobs” category.

(3) My Job Search Activity

My Job Search Activity contains information about your job search activity on Flexjobs.
My Job Search Activity will have features like:

“My Saved Jobs”

My Saved Jobs will list the job positions you save.
My Saved Jobs feature is a labor-saving device.
You may sometimes find an interesting job position that interests you, but you do not have time to apply for that job position.
You can “save” that job to quickly find the job later.
The “save” job will appear in this “My Saved Jobs” section.
You will not have to look through lists of job positions to find the job position again.
(Job positions in the “My Saved Jobs” section contain only active job positions. When a job position is no longer active, the job position disappears in the “My Saved Jobs” section).

(4) Articles

You have different articles on Remote jobs.
You can find articles on a wide range of information related to remote work.

Job Search Success Stores

One category of articles is called “Job Search Success Stories.”
Job Search Success Stories gives you information on people who have succeeded on their remote job search journeys.

(5) Learning Center

The Learning Center contains classes you can look at to learn more about Remote jobs.
Some features you can find in the Learning Center are:

Listing of specific classes

You can take classes to learn something about remote jobs.
You list four topic areas where classes are organized around a topic area.

The four areas are:

  • Building a Flexible Job
  • Finding a Remote Job
  • Working Remotely
  • Recoveries from Layoff

You can click one of these four areas to find a list of classes related to that topic area.

After these four topic areas, you can find additional classes a person can take to learn about remote work.

Downloadable Guides

In this section, you can find three downloadable guides–they are:

  • How to Find a Remote Job & Start Working From Home
  • Guide to Resume & Cover Letter
  • A Parent and Caregiver’s Guide for Returning to Work with Flexible and Remote Jobs

Expert Skills Tests

In this section, you can take skill tests to show a potential employer that you have that skill.
You can take a skill test.
You pass the skill test if you get above 70.
A skill test you pass will show up on your resume profile.
Ideally, a recruiter will see that you passed a particular skill test, and a recruiter will then contact you about job opportunities.
If you do not pass a skill test, you can re-take the test after 24 hours.
Flexjobs do not post failed test results.
Flexjobs will only show the skill tests that you are successful in.
Therefore, you may benefit from taking skill tests to show your skills.

(6) Career Advice

In this section, you can get help from a career expert.
You can get help from a career expert in two ways.

  • Submit a career question for a career expert to answer in a “Job Search and Career Advice Q&A.”

The “Job Search and Career Advice Q&A” section is a class called “Career Coach Q&A” where career experts will answer questions submitted to them.
The Career Coach Q&A class presented every
Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00 pm Central Standard Time.
You can read more about the Career Coach Q&A class in the next section, “Events & Webinars.”

  • Meet a career expert in a career session

You can meet a career expert in a career session.
Pay an extra fee to meet with a career expert.
The career expert may help you with job search advice, resume construction, and mock interview.

(7) Events & Webinars

This section lists the different events and classes that Flexjobs will be having.
Here are some events that can be listed in this section

Online Virtual Career Fairs.

One event that Flexjobs will have will be online virtual job fairs.
The Virtual Job fair will be a virtual fair where you can meet potential employers advertising remote job positions.
You can meet potential employers and find potential employment remote possibilities.

Career Coach Q&A class

Career Coach Q&A class where career experts answer questions that have been submitted to them.
The “Career Coach Q&A” class meets every Wednesday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm Central Standard Time.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, I want to mention the features I liked and did not like in Flexjobs.

Positive features I liked in Flexjobs.

Flexjobs appears to have about everything that would be helpful in a job search, including:

  • Resume profile – You can place your resume on the Flexjobs website.
  • Potential employers may find your resume listed and contact you for opportunities.
  • Job Positions–You can find job opportunities on the Flexjobs website.
  • Job Search history–You can get a record of your previous job search.
  • Save job positions–You can save the jobs you find and glance at the positions later.
  • Articles–You can read articles about remote jobs.
  • Classes–You can take courses in remote jobs.
  • Career Experts–You can access career experts who may help you in your remote jobs.

Disadvantages of Flexjobs

I think Flexjobs is an excellent website; here are a few disadvantages of Flexjobs I could see

A job seeker who has no income coming in; may find it challenging to pay for the subscription fee.

  • You can have highly intense competition for jobs posted on Flexjobs.
    You may have many people competing for job positions listed on Flexjobs.
    My guess is many people use Flexjobs and pay for the subscription membership.
    You are competing against other people who are motivated enough in their remote job dreams to pay for a subscription fee, creating intense competition for jobs listed on Flexjobs.
    I would recommend using Flexjobs as a tool but also using other tools.
  • No “title” searchability I like job search engines that allow you to do keywords search by Title.
    I think a Title keyword search can give you focused job search results.

Flexjobs is an excellent website that I would recommend to others.
Flexjobs is an excellent website; may everyone be successful in their remote work journey.
Thank you for reading.