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The where: POWER PREMIUM PLATINUM PERFECT METHOD WORKSHOP The only place on the Internet you need to go (Scam)

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The last few posts have explored different places on the Internet where you can find remote job opportunities.

While you can find helpful places on the Internet that cover the remote work industry, I have created a place on the Internet that is much better than any other place that covers the remote work industry.

I created a place on the Internet that will completely change your life.

This place on the Internet will describe the PERFECT REMOTE OPPORTUNITY THAT WILL WORK FOR ANYONE.


I have been able to use my expertise in the remote work field, and I searched the far corners of this vast Internet universe to condense the information into a powerful workshop that will work for you. This workshop is a life-changing transformative experience that will completely change your life. You will gain the financial freedom you and your family deserve.

Imagine the financial freedom future that you can have included:

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In summary, see the world on your terms in the way you and your family deserve to see it.


Please do not take my word for it; let’s listen to testimonials from people who took this vital workshop and see how their lives changed.
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You can take advantage of this transformative opportunity by contributing a small fee to my bank account of a few thousand dollars.

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Evaluate Scams

When you read about remote work opportunities, you need to evaluate them.

A common saying goes something like this:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Here are some resources to evaluate remote work scams.

Federal Trade Commission

It has a website called “Job Scams.”

Flexjobs (

Flexjobs is a website that focuses on remote job opportunities.
Flexjobs has articles about the remote career field, including:



  • Article Three: Beware of This Increasingly Common Job Scam Using FlexJobs’ Name
    By: Sara Sutton

Google Search (or another search engine)

You can use Google (or another search engine) to research an organization.
You can search using the organization’s name and words like “scam” or “ratings.”

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau will rate organizations
You can sometimes learn more about an organization by checking the Better Business Bureau ratings:

Better Business article about scams

Article title: BBB Study: Looking for a job? Be careful! Job scams increased during the pandemic

On this same web page with the article, you can download a PDF called “BBB Job Scams.”
The link is “Read the full study. Download the PDF.”

Better Business Bureau has a scam center to look for known scams:
Called BBB Scam Tracker

You can also go to Better Business Bureau and search to see if the organization is in their database and find out the organization’s rating at
You can do a keyword search – type in the name and location of the organization if you know.

YouTube Video

YouTube Title: How to Spot a Work-From-Home Scam
YouTube Channel: Clark Howard: Save More, Spend Less

In Conclusion

As you explore remote opportunities, please evaluate each opportunity to see if that opportunity would work for yo