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This week I would like to explore

Remote.Com is Different than

(Note: This is is not – was described in an earlier post on October 18, 2022)

What is may be helpful for those with a remote business looking to hire remotely. Job seekers may also gain looking at by learning more about the Remote work industry. focus on helping companies who want to hire remote talent. gives companies the ability to hire people outside their home countries. Description

  • YouTube channel describes itself as helping companies with “payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance” (From YouTube Channel).
  • A website called describes as a software platform called a “remote organization management platform” that helps companies do Human Resource functions like “payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.” (From provides an online platform to help companies manage their remote workforce. Features

Here are some resources on that may be of interest

  • Choose Remote Toolkit – Job seekers can find information in the Choose Remote Toolkit. The guide has a “Remote job opportunities: where to find your next flexible job” section. The Remote job opportunities have the following resources:
    • Remote job boards–places on the Internet to find websites that focus on finding remote job positions
    • Listing of Remote companies–listing remote companies that hire for remote job positions
    • Blogs that focus on remote work–listing blogs that focus on remote work.

(Found on pages 16–18 in the guide) (Do need to provide your email to get access to the guide)

  • Blog––has articles about Remote work–articles written from the perspective of a remote employer (
    One blog article of interest; “How to find the best remote jobs,” by
    Preston Wickersham (
  • “Remote talks”- talks with leaders in the remote work industry. (
  • Own Career Section– is a remote company; list career opportunities that is searching for (
  • Discover the best destinations for remote work. People who work remotely may have a choice on where they may wish to live. The guide gives suggestions on potential places to live while working remotely. The guide provides the top 100 places where people could live at ( (Do need to give your email to get access to the guide)

In Conclusion helps organizations find their remote talent across the world. Job-Seekers may gain information from the Remote work industry, but the website does not focus on Remote job seekers.