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The Where: SCORE–Your Potential Remote Business Partner

This week we will look at SCORE.

You may have a dream.
You may have an idea.
Be your boss.
Change the world.

Start and operate a remote business.
What is SCORE?

SCORE can be one of your remote business partners
One resource that may help you start and operate your remote business is SCORE.
SCORE stands for “Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE).”
SCORE can offer different services and information to help you with your remote business journey.

SCORE Website full of helpful resources

SCORE has a website that may be a treasure full of helpful resources to help your business.
SCORE has a website that may offer valuable services and information for your remote business.
SCORE has the website address at
Some resources found on the SCORE website of are:

Find a Mentor

One of the more valuable services that SCORE can provide to remote businesses is the use of a mentor. You can get access to a mentor for free for United States-based businesses.

Toward the top of the SCORE website, you have a link called “Find a Mentor.” You can use the link to request a mentor for free for your remote business. The company needs to be United States-based business to use a SCORE mentor.

You can click the “Find the mentor” link will open a menu giving you additional choices, including:

  • How it works – provides information on how the SCORE mentorship program works
  • Request a mentor – here is where you can request a mentor; you can use your zip code to connect with a mentor
  • Mentor Matchup–gives some additional ways to match with a mentor.

Mentors can be valuable people who can advise you as you operate your business. The mentoring service is again available for United States-based businesses.

Business Information

The SCORE website also provides information on how to operate your business. You may find information that can help you.
Here are links on top of the SCORE website that may help you:

  • View a Business Stage–the “View a Business Stage” link will open up a menu of additional choices.
    Those additional choices are links and include:

    • Plan + Start–this link will give you information on how you can start a business
    • Manage + Grow–this link will provide you with information on how to operate and grow your business
    • Transition + Exit–this link will give you details on exiting an existing business.

Business Education–the “Business Education” link will open a menu of additional choices. The information on the menu can give information to help you on your business journey.

Some choices on the menu are:

  • Start-up Roadmap–this link can give helpful information for a person at the beginning stages of establishing a business.

The Start-up Roadmap provides helpful information for entrepreneurs. The Start-up Roadmap can provide you with information that may be helpful as you consider your start-up business.

The Start-up Roadmap also suggests you use a SCORE mentor. Your SCORE mentor may help personalize the information you learn in the Start-up Roadmap. The SCORE mentor can give you personalized help.

SCORE may help you with your business. You may use SCORE to help you with your business remote journey.