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The where: The Remote Nurse at

(We are picking something out of the archive this week; I hope you enjoy it. Thank you)

We Look at The Remote Nurse

We continue looking at websites with the word “Remote” in them.
This week we focus on the Remote Nurse at
This website lists remote medical job positions in a particular niche in the areas of Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

The Remote Nurse Features on the website:

The website includes paid features–please evaluate the service ahead of time to see if that service works for you and your needs.

(1) Remote Medical Job Position Listings (Main Function)

The Remote Nurse at defines itself on the introductory home page as “Connecting Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to Remote Clinical Jobs.”

You can search for job positions by Browse by categories and keyword search.

  • Browse By Categories (4 categories at the bottom part of the website)

You can access job positions by browsing by category.
There are four different browsing categories at the bottom of the website.
The four categories are the following–all include the number of job positions in that category.

  • LPN/LVN – 59 jobs
  • Nurse Practitioner – 122 jobs
  • Physician Assistant – 39 jobs
  • RN – 265 jobs

You can click on a category, and then you get a listing of job choices.
You can click a job choice to get a more detailed job description.

  • Keyword Search

Once you enter a particular category, you will get an additional option to search for jobs by Keyword Search.
The Keyword Search has the following features:

  •  Keyword: Search by keyword
  •  Clinical License: Search by the type of clinical license
  •  Job Type: Search by the type of job position–options include contract, Full-Time, Part-Time, and On-Call.

Other Options on the website

(2) The Remote Nurse Membership

People can pay for the Remote Nurse Membership
Remote Nurse membership benefits include the following:

  • Early notification of medical jobs
  • A Resume Starter Kit–to help you create a resume that deals with more effectively the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) found on some potential employer application systems.
  • Access to reviews to potential remote medical employers

The cost is about $20 a month
Details are at:

(3) Remote Nursing Crash Course

A course with information on how to find a remote medical job position
The cost is about $50
Details are at:

(4) Email Coaching 

For about $60, you can send three email questions related to Nursing, Nursing Practitioner, and Physician Assistant.
Details are at:

(5) The Remote Job Seeker Database

You can put your resume on the website; it may be another way to find opportunities.
Details are at:

(6) Connection to another website with Specialized Resume Service and other Career Services

The website connects to another website that describes itself as having services to create a specialized resume for those seeking a remote medical job.
The other website is
Have services like having to create your resume and workshops.

(7) Connections to Facebook Page Groups

Have Two Facebook Page Groups

Facebook Page Groups are found in the “Start Here/FAQ” section of
Details at:

(8) The Remote Nurse–Instagram

The Remote Nurse also has an Instagram account
Details at:

(9) The Remote Nurse Email List

You can also access the Remote Nurse Email list to learn about remote medical opportunities.
Details at:

(10) Employer Services

  • The website has employer services.
  • The website allows an employer to post a job position
  • The website has a recruiter service to find the best job candidates for the employer.
    Details at:

In Conclusion – My impressions of the Remote Nurse

In conclusion, I think The Remote Nurse has resources that can serve its niche well–those in the nursing, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant looking for a remote job. People looking for a remote position in nursing, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant may find this a helpful website.