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The where:

This week, we look at Yahoo (

Yahoo is a website that offers various products and services to people.
To get a list of the different Yahoo products and services, you can type in:
          Then select “More” on the top part of the computer screen.
You will then get a screen that says, “Products and Services.”
          You get an alphabetical listing of products and services that Yahoo offers.

Products and Services on

Here are some products and services that may be helpful for a person looking for remote opportunities.
From the “Products and Services” page

Types of Products and Services

Select the “Search” option from the “Products and Services” screen.
The search engine is on Yahoo.
You can do a keyword search for topics that you want to find.
You may find remote opportunities and resources.
(For example) You can type in the word “remote” and the job position you want to find opportunities to see if you can find helpful information from the search.
The Search engine feature is on the top of different article information screens.


Article Screens
Yahoo will give you different article information screens on various topics.
You can use the “Products and Services” page to find article information on a particular topic.
Here are some categories that may be useful to a person looking for remote opportunities

          Select the “news” option from the “Products and Services” page.
          You will get news articles on the current topics of the day.
          You can sometimes find news information in the remote industry.
For example, what a particular company may do with their current remote employees.

          Select “Finance” from the “Products and Services” page.
You may find article information on finance that may be helpful in your remote opportunity journey.

          Personal Finance Articles
          Select “Personal Finance Articles” from the “Products and Services” page.
You will go to a website called Cashay (
You can find different finance topics.
One helpful resource may be “Careers” (a link on the top part of the page)
You can find articles about different remote careers and opportunities.

          Select “Weather” from the “Products and Services” page.
You may get helpful weather information for your area if you have to travel to a location.

         Personal Finance News
          Select “Personal Finance News” from the “Products and Services” page.
You can find different articles on finance.
You may find helpful finance information on remote careers and opportunities.


Email is an option on Yahoo.
Yahoo gives you the option to use email.
You may use email to communicate with potential organizations about remote opportunities.

          Select “Mail” from the “Products and Services” page.
You will get the ability to use email on Yahoo.

Yahoo may have services that help you find your next remote opportunity.