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Time Routine Schedule in the Job Search

People can have routines in their lives. Work can be a routine for many people.

Routines related to work can be:

  • Wake up at a particular time
  • Have an established work routine going to work (for example, eat breakfast, put on work clothes, travel to the same or similar route to work, stop by the same coffee shop or gas station, and so on)
  • Spend time on work tasks at the workplace
  • Have an established work routine to leave work (for example, stop by the cafe or bar after work, travel the same route back home, eat supper at an established time, and so on)

When people lose their jobs, they can feel great stress. Part of the stress can be the established routine of a workplace disappears. What provided structure for many people becomes lost.

You may find it helpful to establish routine ideas as you search for a job. Below are some ideas to develop a routine while searching for a job. Some established ideas for a routine can be:

  • Wake up at an established time on certain days
  • Have set time to search for a job (like the same time each day you job search)
  • See a career expert at an established time (like the same day and time during the week). Besides establishing a routine, a career expert can help give feedback on your job search.
  • Go to a job club at an established time (like the same day and time during the week). The social component of a job club can be helpful; searching for a job position can be a lonely process, and a job club can help provide social support.
  • Go to other social groups at structured times (for example, going to a social group connected with a hobby you may have). The social group can help give you social support while searching for a job.
  • Meet family or friend members at a particular time
  • Exercise – having an established time to exercise may be helpful to deal with stress and keep you healthy
  • Listen or watch media programs at a specific time (like watch your favorite comedy program at the same time in the week)
  • Eat meals at established times

In conclusion, these are some ideas to create a routine while searching for a job position. A schedule may help reduce your stress related to your job search.