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Series of Blog posts on career stuff. Focus will be on career exploration and Internet job resources. My hope is that you will find the information helpful in your career journey. As with anything you read on the internet, please evaluate the information you read and use the specific information that helpful to you.

Welcome to the Workforce Development tour – where we look at the different features (or at least some of the features) of different workforce development web sites of the different states of the United States.   Workforce Development tour will be a series of blog posts.  Look at the different states in alphabetical order, so let us look begin looking at the state of:


Alabama workforce development web site (or at least one of them; when did a Google search for Alabama workforce development web sites obtained different web sites). I picked the following:
Web site has 5 main sections, they are
(1)        Job Seekers
(2)        Employers
(3)        Training/Education
(4)        Resources
(5)        Programs

Give some details on the different sections

(1) Job Seekers
Service to help job seekers
Gives you a way to do a quick search to find job position
You can create a profile that will allow you to do additional stuff like have features in the job search, and receive e-mail updates

(2)        Employers
Service to help employers
Able to search for resumes
Can create an employer account to let you do additional functions like post job openings, and receive e-mail updates

(3)        Training/education
Gives some information on training
Click “Search for Training” – will give you information on training programs

(4)        Resources
Gives different Internet Resources on career stuff
Have information organized by General categories and get specific categories
Get a listing of web sites under each specific category.  Variety of resources listed.

(5)        Programs
Gives some information that may help people
* Alabama Works
Connects you with career services;
* On the Job Training
Have information on training programs – get a downloading document called “WIOA/OJA) “Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act On-The-Job Training Programs”
* Work Based Learning – gives information on Work Based Learning – takes you to Alabama State of Department of Education – gives description of worked based programs
* Apprenticeships Alabama (AA) – gives information on Apprenticeships – takes you to the Apprenticeships Alabama
* Unemployment compensation – gives information about unemployment program

Alabama can give resources to help job seekers.  Here were some the features that Alabama Workforce Development website may be able to help you.