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Where to Look for Remote Opportunities: LinkedIn Groups

This week we look at a website called LinkedIn (at I will publish next article on May 30th, 2023.

LinkedIn is a website helping people with their business and career needs. You may connect with other professionals and find your next remote job opportunity with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups can allow you to find remote opportunities and connections with professionals. LinkedIn groups are where groups of people gather in a particular interest area.

Boolean Search features in a Keyword Search

You can use keyword search to find LinkedIn groups.
You may enhance the search with Boolean search features.
The link below shows details of the Boolean search features that LinkedIn supports.

You can use Boolean search features to help focus your search.
When searching for remote opportunities with LinkedIn groups, you may be interested in two different interest areas.

(1) Remote Focused

Remove-focused LinkedIn groups provide information on remote opportunities and the remote industry. One way to find Remote Focused LinkedIn groups is the following way:

  • Go to LinkedIn
  • Create an account
  • Create a profile
  • Find the search box (on a computer laptop, the search box will be in the upper left corner of the screen.)
  • Type in the word “remote
  • You will then get different search results
  • You can narrow your search results to LinkedIn groups by using search feature categories. Search feature categories give you additional options to focus your search. Some of the different search feature categories are:
    • Jobs
    • Companies
    • Products
    • People
    • Post
    • Groups
    • Services
    • Events
    • Courses
    • Schools
    • All Filter

You can use the “Groups” search feature category to focus your search results on LinkedIn groups.

  • Your search results have LinkedIn groups have the word “remote” in them. Many of these LinkedIn groups may provide you with information about remote opportunities. When I played with this feature, I found about 5,800 results. You may narrow your search using words in your profession. For example, type “Remote AND Trainer” (AND has to be in all caps), and you will find results that have both terms “remote” and “trainer.”

(2) Professional Specialty

You can also look for LinkedIn groups by professional specialty. Look for LinkedIn groups that are in your profession. Professional Specialty LinkedIn groups focus on topics and opportunities found in that profession. You may find remote opportunities in Professional Specialty LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn Groups–Evaluate them

Evaluate the LinkedIn group. You can look at the number of members and the group’s description. When you enter a LinkedIn group, you may want to “listen” to the group by reading the posts to understand better how the LinkedIn group operates.

You may find your next remote opportunity by looking at a LinkedIn group. A LinkedIn group may help you find your next remote opportunity.