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YouTube Channel – Way to Organize It

You may use a YouTube channel for your remote business, remote career, or personal use. You may decide to improve the quality of your YouTube Channel page by adding the following features:

Video spotlight

Special Video called a Video Spotlight to welcome people – you can create a special video to welcome people when they come to your YouTube channel page.

Video Spotlight can introduce your viewers to your YouTube channel page.

You can create two different special videos based on whether people are subscribed to your YouTube channel or not. The Special video has two different names based on if a person subscribed or not.

  • Channel trailer

A special video called a Channel Trailer appears when people are not subscribed to your YouTube Channel. The special video appears on your YouTube Channel page.

  • Featured video

A special video called a Featured Video appears when people are subscribed to your YouTube Channel. The special video appears on your YouTube Channel page.

  • Videos in Rows

Once you created enough videos on your YouTube channel.
You may decide to organize the videos into rows.
Commonly people can organize videos into rows based on the content of the videos.

A good YouTube video that explains how to create a Video Spotlight and Videos in Rows is the following YouTube video.

YouTube Title: How to add ROWS OF VIDEOS: My YouTube channel page BOOST! 2022
YouTube Channel: Neil Mossey
YouTube Publication: (I could not find a publication date)

The YouTube channel gives a good description of how to set up two things:

  • Video Spotlight
  • Videos in Rows


You need to create playlists before you can put your videos into rows.

A good YouTube video that describes how to create playlists is the following:

YouTube Title: How to Make a Playlist on YouTube (and get MORE YouTube Playlist Views!)
YouTube Channel: Justin Brown – Primal Video
YouTube Publication: Feb 23, 2020

The video helps you set up playlists.
The video mention that YouTube video creates the playlist as a separate item from the videos.
The playlist can become an additional item that people can find on your YouTube Channel.

Keyword Research

The video mentions thinking about what words you want to describe your Playlists. Ideally, you want to call your playlists that will describe the following.

  • Accurately describe the content of the videos on your playlist
  • Word terms that people are searching for to find the content that your videos

The video will have a publication called “FREE YouTube Ranking Guide” in the description below. You will need to give your name and e-mail address to obtain the information.

In conclusion, you may find your YouTube Channel appears more organized by showing your videos in rows and having a Video Spotlight.