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Job loss is stressful, attempt to think of positive things

Job loss can be very stressful.  Your world can go upside down in how your life goes.  You were doing your routine life and then all of sudden your life changes.

One way to deal with the stress may be to think of positive things you may have.  Here are some possible positive things that you may be able to think of (some positive things that may be the result of the pandemic):

  • Expansion of the digital – the Internet was able to create many more digital connections with people; my guess is that many of these digital expansions will still be there; giving people additional choices in areas like
    • Work
      People may be able to gain work remote opportunities
    • Education
      Educational choices have expended in the digital world. People will have more expanded options of where they would like to obtain an education through the digital world
    • Socialization
      Socialization opportunities may increase with more digital connections. Social webs sites may offer meetings that are done online allowing people to attend worldwide regardless of distance
  • Professional services
    People may have increase access to more professional services that were not offered online; people may be able to access a particular coach for example who may not have been accessible before the pandemic. 
  • Advancement in science – there has been an increase in science; learning more about how diseases work and this knowledge may be helpful in going against other diseases in the future
  • Appreciate what you have – you may have an opportunity to value what you do have
  • Find joy in the usual – when we get back to usual in 2021 – you may be able to take joy from activities that were just routine and usual before the pandemic.

Some of these usual and routine activities could be

  • going to shops
  • going to restaurants
  • going to sporting events
  • going to concerned
    The big live events with people will be able to occur again


Job loss can be very stressful; thinking about positive things may be a way to reduce stress.