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Does my voice sound like that?

Do you know what your voice sounds like?……

Of course, you do.

You have been listening to your voice since you were a small child. Every time you open up your mouth, you hear your voice. You know what your voice sounds like; if you are unsure how your voice sounds, you can start talking.

For example my voice

Take my voice, for example; my voice sounds more in the lower deep tonal voice range. My voice is not a deep bass voice, but it is a deep tonal voice. I hear my voice each time I talk. It is a voice I am familiar with.

I can also hear my voice on recording devices; for example, doing a Podcast, I can listen to my voice. And I hear my voice sound like……… ah……….ok…….. My voice sounds like that……My voice sounds nothing like I am used to.


Welcome to the surprise of recording your voice on a recording device like a podcast. My voice sounds more like a higher tonal voice. I find it difficult to explain. I thought my voice might sound similar to a voice from a past Minnesota senator, Al Franken, but I don’t think that comparison is accurate. For those interested, I have a podcast called Live Your Life Learning for those who may be interested in hearing my voice.

Perfectly sounding voice; it works fine for me to navigate through life, but it is surprising when you first hear your voice on a recording device. After a while, you get used to your voice on a recording device after doing it for some time.

YouTube Video

A good YouTube that explains the process:

YouTube Title: Why does your voice sound different on a recording? Greg Foot Answers Your Questions | Head Squeeze.
YouTube Channel: BBC Earth Lab
Published: September 9, 2013

When you record your voice in a recorded voice, you may hear an unfamiliar voice than what you are used to.

What does your voice sound like?

So, what does your voice sound like? Does your voice sound different from what you excepted? What is the difference? What do you think your voice sounds like?
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Happy recording.