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Feedback: Way to Improve

When I get feedback on something, I have found that I can often improve doing that something.

The feedback I am thinking about is the feedback where you give suggestions to another person on ideas to improve. Examples of feedback could be: “Here are some suggestions to improve your resume,” or “Here are some suggestions to improve your application,” and so on. The suggestions still allow the person to decide if they want to use the advice or not.

When I searched for a job position, sometimes the only feedback I would get from a job search was a lot of rejections. I would not get any other type of feedback in a job search–like ways to improve a cover letter, ways to improve an application, or ways to improve an interview.

The job search itself would provide no additional feedback except for rejections.

I have sometimes found it helpful to get feedback from other sources – Some of the other sources can be:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Career Coaches (or career counselors)
  • Career experts at the Workforce Development office
  • Feedback from a job club (a job club is a social club that helps people find job positions)
  • Career expert from career associations (a career association where members are from a particular profession)
  • Talk to people in the profession you have an interest in going into

In conclusion, I have found getting feedback in my job search could improve my job search. So, if you are having difficulty with your job search, consider getting feedback.