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See a career expert early on your job journey; it can reduce the odds of sending out resumes with errors.

Photocopiers will make copies of the original document. If that original document has a mistake, then the copies of the original will also have mistakes. The person who created the original document will create negative impressions if they give the copies of the original document to others. The copies of the original document will contain the same mistakes as the original document.

The resume may contain errors

A job seeker may create a resume with mistakes; the job seeker may not catch the errors. Then, if the job seeker duplicates their resume for potential employers, that resume will contain the same mistakes as the original resume. A job seeker will not create a positive impression with a resume with errors.

No feedback in the job search

One problem a jobseeker can have with the job search is that they may not receive feedback in the job search itself except for “No .”The job seeker may not know the reasons behind the “No.”The job seekers may not realize that the resume they are sending out contains mistakes, for the original resume includes mistakes. Since the job seeker may not get feedback in the job search, the job seeker may not be aware that errors in their resume are preventing them from being successful in their job search. The job seeker may not make much progress with their job search.

Benefit from a career expert early in the job search journey

A job seeker may benefit from seeing a career expert early in their job search journey. The career expert may help edit the job seeker’s resume and be able to find errors in the resume. The job seeker can then improve the resume they send out to potential employers.

In conclusion, job seekers may benefit from seeing a career expert early on their career journey. The career expert may find errors in the original resume document. If the job seeker makes copies of the resume, those copies of the resume will less likely have mistakes in them. The job seeker may have a more successful job search.

Remote Job Ideas

Here are some ideas for finding remote jobs on the Internet:

  • When you find a job position posted on a job board, you may find it helpful to look at the organization’s web page that advertised the job position. Go to the organization web page of the organization that advertised the job position. You may (sometimes) find more details of the job position described on the organization’s web page rather than on the job board. The additional information about the job position may help you better evaluate the job position.
  • Look at your e-mails in your junk e-mail area–many e-mail systems will have a junk e-mail area collecting junk e-mail. Each e-mail system may call its junk e-mail area different names. For example, the Yahoo e-mail system’s junk e-mail area is called “Spam.”

I recommend you check your e-mail messages in your junk e-mail area occasionally. Sometimes, you can have important e-mail communication accidentally placed into the junk e-mail area. If you do not check your e-mails in your junk e-mail area, you could miss out on important e-mail messages.

In conclusion, check for job descriptions from the organization’s web page that advertised the job description and examine your e-mail in the junk e-mail area of your e-mail system.

Canva – Your Perfect Free Online Graphic Design Tool

You may be in a remote job position (or a remote business) where you may need to create digital graphic designs. If that is the case, I recommend a tool called Canva ( Canva is a tool that can help people create graphical designs in the electronic world. Canva is a free online graphic design tool.

A YouTube video that can explain Canva can be:

YouTube Title: How To Use Canva For BEGINNERS! [FULL Canva Tutorial 2021]
YouTube Channel: Natalia Kalinska

I have been using Canva for a while. I used Canva to create designs for videos, e-book covers, podcast covers, and anything else you need to create a digital graphic design.

Canva will award you a badge after creating 200 designs on their system. Canva is a free and helpful tool for creating designs. I would highly recommend the tool.

In conclusion, Canva is a great free online graphic design tool for your digital design needs. I would highly recommend the software.

YouTube Channel – Way to Organize It

You may use a YouTube channel for your remote business, remote career, or personal use. You may decide to improve the quality of your YouTube Channel page by adding the following features:

Video spotlight

Special Video called a Video Spotlight to welcome people – you can create a special video to welcome people when they come to your YouTube channel page.

Video Spotlight can introduce your viewers to your YouTube channel page.

You can create two different special videos based on whether people are subscribed to your YouTube channel or not. The Special video has two different names based on if a person subscribed or not.

  • Channel trailer

A special video called a Channel Trailer appears when people are not subscribed to your YouTube Channel. The special video appears on your YouTube Channel page.

  • Featured video

A special video called a Featured Video appears when people are subscribed to your YouTube Channel. The special video appears on your YouTube Channel page.

  • Videos in Rows

Once you created enough videos on your YouTube channel.
You may decide to organize the videos into rows.
Commonly people can organize videos into rows based on the content of the videos.

A good YouTube video that explains how to create a Video Spotlight and Videos in Rows is the following YouTube video.

YouTube Title: How to add ROWS OF VIDEOS: My YouTube channel page BOOST! 2022
YouTube Channel: Neil Mossey
YouTube Publication: (I could not find a publication date)

The YouTube channel gives a good description of how to set up two things:

  • Video Spotlight
  • Videos in Rows


You need to create playlists before you can put your videos into rows.

A good YouTube video that describes how to create playlists is the following:

YouTube Title: How to Make a Playlist on YouTube (and get MORE YouTube Playlist Views!)
YouTube Channel: Justin Brown – Primal Video
YouTube Publication: Feb 23, 2020

The video helps you set up playlists.
The video mention that YouTube video creates the playlist as a separate item from the videos.
The playlist can become an additional item that people can find on your YouTube Channel.

Keyword Research

The video mentions thinking about what words you want to describe your Playlists. Ideally, you want to call your playlists that will describe the following.

  • Accurately describe the content of the videos on your playlist
  • Word terms that people are searching for to find the content that your videos

The video will have a publication called “FREE YouTube Ranking Guide” in the description below. You will need to give your name and e-mail address to obtain the information.

In conclusion, you may find your YouTube Channel appears more organized by showing your videos in rows and having a Video Spotlight.

Time Routine Schedule in the Job Search

People can have routines in their lives. Work can be a routine for many people.

Routines related to work can be:

  • Wake up at a particular time
  • Have an established work routine going to work (for example, eat breakfast, put on work clothes, travel to the same or similar route to work, stop by the same coffee shop or gas station, and so on)
  • Spend time on work tasks at the workplace
  • Have an established work routine to leave work (for example, stop by the cafe or bar after work, travel the same route back home, eat supper at an established time, and so on)

When people lose their jobs, they can feel great stress. Part of the stress can be the established routine of a workplace disappears. What provided structure for many people becomes lost.

You may find it helpful to establish routine ideas as you search for a job. Below are some ideas to develop a routine while searching for a job. Some established ideas for a routine can be:

  • Wake up at an established time on certain days
  • Have set time to search for a job (like the same time each day you job search)
  • See a career expert at an established time (like the same day and time during the week). Besides establishing a routine, a career expert can help give feedback on your job search.
  • Go to a job club at an established time (like the same day and time during the week). The social component of a job club can be helpful; searching for a job position can be a lonely process, and a job club can help provide social support.
  • Go to other social groups at structured times (for example, going to a social group connected with a hobby you may have). The social group can help give you social support while searching for a job.
  • Meet family or friend members at a particular time
  • Exercise – having an established time to exercise may be helpful to deal with stress and keep you healthy
  • Listen or watch media programs at a specific time (like watch your favorite comedy program at the same time in the week)
  • Eat meals at established times

In conclusion, these are some ideas to create a routine while searching for a job position. A schedule may help reduce your stress related to your job search.

Ways to Find a Remote Job (or Remote Careers) on Google? Use the Advanced Search Feature.

You may want to find information on remote jobs (or remote careers) on the Internet.

  • Where do you find information on remote jobs (or remote careers)?

I guess you could do a variety of different activities to find information. Some ideas could be.

  • Ask an expert (if you can find one)
  • You can ask a person randomly off the street
  • You could look at an ancient achieve looking through historical documents
  • You could guess
  • You could search the Internet using a search engine.

You could probably think of other ways to find information than those listed above.–some ways to find information are likely to be more effective than others. I want to focus on searching engines to find information on the Internet.

You can use search engines–places on the Internet that you can use to find information. Google would be a typical search engine.\

Not Finding What You Want–Try the Advanced Search Feature

If you are using a search engine and not finding the information you are looking for, you can look to see if the search engine has an Advanced Search feature.

The Advanced Search Feature gives additional options to search for remote jobs (or remote careers).

Let’s look at the Google search as an example.

Go to Google at
Then in the search box, type “Advance Search Google.”
Hopefully, you will then get a search result screen that will give you the choice of “ Advanced Search–Google.”
Click on the link “Advanced Search–Google.”

Advanced Search Screen

You will then see a screen called “Advanced Search.”
You then will have a screen listing different options that you can search by.

You can find some options that include:

  • all these words: – a search result would have to include all the words you type in here
  • this exact word or phrase – a search result would have to include the exact word or phrase you type in
  • any of these words: – a search result would have to have any of these words you type in.

You can either type in your search in the correct box search option or use the suggestions on the right side of the screen on how you can write out a search in the search box.
Screen list suggestions under the column title “To do this in the search box.”

“this exact word or phrase” box

Let’s use an example you are trying to find Instructional Designer remote job positions.
You may get a better search result if you search for the phrase “Instructional Designer” job as a phrase where the search result will display only those results with the “Instructional Designer” phrase in the entry.

You can either:

  • Type the phrase Instructional Design in the “this exact word or phrase” box.
  • Or you can use quotes around the phrase “Instructional Design.”

You then can put the word “remote jobs” in the “all these words” box feature.

You will then hopefully get results that have Instructional Designer Remote job positions.

In conclusion, a search engine may have an Advanced Search feature to give you more search options when searching for information on the Internet. Google has an advanced search feature that may help you achieve more success when searching for remote jobs (or remote careers) on Google.

Stress from a job search? Take time away from the Job Search

Sometimes, when a person is searching for a job position, they can feel stressed. You may benefit from getting away from the job search for a while and doing an activity that you enjoy doing.

Here are some activities to consider.:

  • Hobby–look into doing a hobby that may interest you
  • Read something–read a book, magazine, or other documents
  • Movie–watch a film that interests you
  • Get involved–may get involved on a particular issue that interests you
  • Social connections–people are social animals; people are social beings; you may find it valuable to stay in contact with people. Social connections may help you with the stress you may have
  • Look up something positive–find positive news on the Internet. You can search on Google (or another search engine) with words like “Good news” or “Positive news.” You may get search results that allow you to read the positive news occurring in the world

In my opinion, you may often hear news coverage as negative rather than positive. You will hear about the bus driver who crashed their bus, killing seven people, rather than the bus driver who successfully and safely transported people for 30 years. If you want to read about positive stuff in the world, search for positive news on the Internet and see what you find.

  • Look on the Internet to learn more about a hobby or passion that interests you–you can look on the Internet to find a passion or hobby you enjoy. For example, you can learn more about astronomy if you enjoy astronomy as a passion
  • Comedy–laughter can improve a person’s mood. You may enjoy watching your favorite comedian or a comedy movie

In conclusion, you may experience stress in the job search. You may benefit from taking time away from the job search. You then can do an enjoyable activity to re-charge your energy before getting back into the job search again.

Salary Information: Do you know how much they should pay you?

Many people will work in a variety of different careers as they pursue a remote job. Salaries will be different for different remote careers.

You may find it valuable to know the salary range for a particular remote career; you may find the salary information helpful in deciding upon a specific job and helping you negotiate a salary with a potential employer.

Here are some places on the Internet where you can find salary information. is a website that provides job positions people can explore; also includes salary information. You can find out salary information on
Here is where you can find salary information on
Go to
Then you will see a link on the top part of the screen called “Find Salaries.”
Click the “Find Salaries” link.
Then you can type in the career field and location to find the average salary for that occupation. You can type in the job title you want to explore and then type in the word “Remote” or “United States” (type in the word “remote” will translate the location as “United States”).

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a two-year federal government publication that gives information on the major career fields of the United States.
Go to Occupational Outlook Handbook (
You can read career information on particular careers.
You access a particular career either by typing in a word search or browsing by category.
For this example, let us browse by category.
You will see different categories on your left
For this example, select the category “Business and Financial Occupations.”
Then you will see some specific occupations in the Business and Financial Occupations category.
Then select the choice “Training and Development Specialists.”
You will then get more information on the Training and Development Specialist profession.
You will have a series of box links on the top part of the screen to give specific information on the Training and Development Specialist career.
For this example, select the “Pay” box link.
You will then have a screen that will give information on the Training and Development Specialist profession salary information.

In conclusion, Salary rate information may be valuable to you. You can use the information to help choose a career. You may also use the information to negotiate a salary with a potential employer.

Unemployed: Ways to Deal with the Stress

Lose your Job: Now Unemployed

When you lose a job (be it a remote job or not) – you can enter a stressful time in your life. People may experience various emotions like surprise, sadness, loneliness, and anger. Here are some suggestions to deal with job loss:

Ideas to help with the stress

  • First, Help with the emotional loss – losing a job position can be stressful. Unemployment can rate as one of the high stressful events a person can have in their lives. You may find talking to a counselor, friend, or family member helpful in dealing with the stress.
  • Second, Think of jobs as temporary – be aware that positions are temporary – jobs begin, jobs end, and some jobs change over time. The thought that a job is temporary may lessen the intense emotions you may feel from a job loss.
  • Third, Unemployment insurance–You may qualify for unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance may give you financial help while searching for another job. Check with your state unemployment program for specific details.
  • Fourth, Take advantage of career services – Take advantage of career services from sources like:
    • Your state workforce development office,
    • College university career office (if it applies),
    • Career expert from a non-profit (if it applies),
    • Private career expert.

If you are paying for a career expert, please evaluate the career expert to determine if that career expert is worth your time. I would recommend a pay-as-you-go arrangement with your career expert rather than pre-paying for services ahead of time. That way, if you no longer want to use the career expert, you can stop paying the career expert for services.

  • Fifth, Social network–when you have the stress of a job loss, social groups can help support you in your time of stress from your job loss.
  • Sixth, Health–can be helpful to stay healthy – you may look into doing exercises and eating healthy.
  • Seventh, Routines–people who work may have an established routine in their workplace; when people lose their job, people may lose a big part of their routine. People may find comfort in routine. Some ideas to create a routine can be:
    • (A) Job club–a job club is a group of people who help people with job loss. The job club may meet at a specific time (like the same day of the week)
    • (B) Meet with a group of friends on an established routine – meet at a specific time
    • (C) Eat at established times
    • (D) Meet with career experts at established times

In Conclusion, dealing with job loss can be stressful. Ideas expressed are some ways to deal with stress. I hope everyone’s job journey is quickly solved when dealing with unemployment.