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The where: Google

This week we are looking at Internet Resources that can be helpful for someone looking for remote work opportunities. We are going to focus on Remote job positions.

We look at Google

This week I like to focus on a common feature on the Internet–Google
Google is a typical search engine that many people will use to find information.

Use Google to Search for Remote Job Positions

You can use Google to search for a variety of different information.
You can also use Google to search for remote job positions.

What you Can Type into Google

You can go to Google (
You can type in a search that has:

  1. Type in the profession’s name you are typing to find a remote job position in.
  2. Then type in the word “job” or “jobs.”
  3. Then type in the word “Remote.”

Then start the search.

Google (Hopefully) shows Remote Job Positions

Hopefully, Google will present you with a list of remote job positions.
Google will also (hopefully) find a list of websites that may also help you in your remote job search journey.
Google will often present the list of job positions towards the beginning of the search results.
The list of job positions will often be ahead of suggestions of other websites one could look at.

For example, I am interested in finding remote training positions.
I could type in the phrase “Training jobs remote.”
I would then (hopefully) find a list of remote trainer job positions.
I also hope to find a list of websites that may help me find a remote trainer’s job position.

Show a "G" for Google


Synonyms are words that are similar in meaning to other words.
You can use the magic of synonyms to give you additional words to find a remote job position in your field.
Often, a career field may have different words to describe itself.
For example, a trainer can also be a “teacher or instructor.”
You can use synonyms to expand the list of words to search for a remote job position in your field.


How do I find synonyms for my career?

You can use Google to help you find synonyms for your career field.

You can type in the profession you are interested in and then type “synonyms.”
For example, I am interested in finding a remote trainer job position.
I want to find additional words to describe the trainer

I can type in a word phrase of “trainer synonyms” and then search.

You will then get other words that will describe the trainer.

In conclusion

You can use Google to help find remote job positions. You may find other Internet resources in the search results to help you in your remote job search journey.



The where:

This week we continue looking at websites that focus on remote job positions.
The one change we are making is not looking at websites with the word “Remote” in them.
We are going to look at I plan to refer to this website by the name of VirtualVocations. This website focuses on helping people find Remote job positions.

The main focus of VirtualVocations is providing the remote jobseeker access to remote job positions.

VirtualVocations has many services accessed only through a subscription-based service. You will need to evaluate your needs to see if the subscription-based service works for you. 

Some of the different features found on VirtualVocations are:

(1) Job Openings

The website focuses on helping remote job seekers find remote job openings.
The website mentioned researchers from VirtualVocations evaluate and select remote job positions that appear on the VirtualVocations website.

You do need to be a subscriber to access job positions. You need to be a subscriber to access the job description details.

You can search for job positions in two ways.

  • Keyword Search

You can use a keyword search to find job positions.
Keyword Search has an Advance Keyword search feature to give you more options to search for job positions.

  • Browse

You can browse by job positions by clicking on a browsing category at the bottom part of the screen.

You will get a list of job choices by a keyword search or by clicking a browsing category. You can click the job choice to get a more detailed job description.

(2) Companies

You can access information on different remote-friendly companies using the “Companies” link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
You can search for Remote Friendly companies by browsing by categories.
You click a category and get a list of choices of remote-friendly companies.
You can get more details on a company by selecting a company choice. A detailed company description will then appear.
The company description will also list the company website.

You can get access to the Friendly Remote Company information without a subscription.

(3) Career Content

Under the “Career Center” link in the screen’s upper right-hand corner, you can find remote work career information.
The career content is organized into the following sections

  • Courses
  • Guides
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Remote Resources

For each section, you will see a few items in that section on the Career Content screen.
To see all the items of a particular section, you can click the “View All” link on the right side of that section. So, for example, if you want to see all the courses on VirtualVocations, click the “View All” link in the Courses Section.

One section that could be helpful is the Guides Section.
The Guides section gives you information for specific industries;
Some of the guides were:

  • Telecommute Pharmacist Jobs
  • Telecommute Accounting Jobs
  • Telecommute Transcription Jobs
  • Telecommute Jobs of Legal Professionals
  • Telecommute Jobs for Bilingual Jobseekers
  • Telecommute Jobs or Administrative Assistants
  • Remote Jobs in Virtual Marketing
  • Remote Sales Career Guide
  • Telecommute Jobs for Education Professionals
  • Remote Jobs in Project Management
  • Remote Non-Profit Career Guide
  • Remote Information Technology Career Guide
  • Remote Human Service Career Guide
  • Remote Healthcare Career Guide
  • Remote Customer Service Career Guide
  • Remote Jobs in Virtual Consulting
  • Remote Account Management Career Guide

You will need a subscription to be able to access these guides.
(Some guides are available if you use the free subscription option by getting registered).


(4) Career Experts 

You can also gain access to career experts who can help you with your job search.
You can access remote career experts by clicking the “Blog” link in the right-hand corner.
You will then see a link called “Career Services” in the right-hand corner of the screen.
Career experts can help you with career services like a cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn Profile.
You can access career services for an additional fee.

(5) Blog – Career Articles

You can access remote career content on the VirtualVocations Blog. You can click the ” Blog ” link in the screen’s upper right-hand corner. You will then find different articles related to the remote work industry.
One article feature is the “2022 Employer Partner Remote Job Openings.” The article gives information on VirtualVocations remote employers hiring for that month. For example, you can learn about the VirtualVocations remote employers for November by reading the “November 2022 Employer Partner Remote Job openings” article (published on November 9, 2022).

My Impressions of

I like You can gain access to job positions, career content, and career experts.
The one disadvantage is you must pay a subscription fee to access much of the information from this website. The rates were about $16 per month, $40 for three months, and $60 for six months.

One suggestion may be to pay for one month and see if the website works for you. You will want to cancel the subscription service before the month is completed if you decide the subscription service does not work for you.

You can also do a free subscription, giving you access to some resources. reminds me of another website that focuses on remote job seekers. The other website is called Some of the similarities between the two websites are:

  • Access to job positions after paying for a subscription
  • Access to career content that may be helpful for remote job seeker
  • Access to career experts who may help the remote job seeker.

If you like, you may also like Good luck with everyone’s remote job search journey.

The where: The Remote Nurse at

We Look at The Remote Nurse

We continue looking at websites with the word “Remote” in them.
This week we focus on Remote Nurse at
This website lists remote medical job positions in a particular niche in the areas of Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

The Remote Nurse Features on the website:

The website includes paid features–please evaluate the service ahead of time to see if that service works for you and your needs.

(1) Remote Medical Job Position Listings (Main Function)

The Remote Nurse at defines itself on the introductory home page as “Connecting Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to Remote Clinical Jobs.”

You can search for job positions by Browse by categories and keyword search.

  • Browse By Categories (4 categories at the bottom part of the website)

You can access job positions by browsing by category.
There are four different browsing categories at the bottom of the website.
The four categories are the following–all include the number of job positions in that category.

  • LPN/LVN – 59 jobs
  • Nurse Practitioner – 122 jobs
  • Physician Assistant – 39 jobs
  • RN – 265 jobs

You can click on a category and then you get a listing of job choices.
You can click a job choice to get a more detailed job description.

  • Keyword Search

Once you enter a particular category, you will get an additional option to search for jobs by Keyword Search.
The Keyword Search has the following features:

  •  Keyword: Search by keyword
  •  Clinical License: Search by the type of clinical license
  •  Job Type: Search by the type of job position–options include contract, Full-Time, Part-Time, and On-Call.

Other Options on the website

(2) The Remote Nurse Membership

People can pay for the Remote Nurse Membership
Remote Nurse membership benefits include the following:

  • Early notification of medical jobs
  • A Resume Starter Kit–to help you create a resume that deals with more effectively the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) found on some potential employer application systems.
  • Access to reviews to potential remote medical employers

The cost is about $20 a month
Details are at:

(3) Remote Nursing Crash Course

A course with information on how to find a remote medical job position
The cost is about $50
Details are at:

(4) Email Coaching 

For about $60, you can send three email questions related to Nursing, Nursing Practitioner, and Physician Assistant.
Details are at:

(5) The Remote Job Seeker Database

You can put your resume on the website; it may be another way to find opportunities.
Details are at:

(6) Connection to another website with Specialized Resume Service and other Career Services

The website connects to another website that describes itself as having services to create a specialized resume for those seeking a remote medical job.
The other website is
Have services like having to create your resume and workshops.

(7) Connections to Facebook Page Groups

Have Two Facebook Page Groups

Facebook Page Groups are found in the “Start Here/FAQ” section of
Details at:

(8) The Remote Nurse–Instagram

The Remote Nurse also has an Instagram account
Details at:

(9) The Remote Nurse Email List

You can also access the Remote Nurse Email list to learn about remote medical opportunities.
Details at:

(10) Employer Services

  • The website has employer services.
  • The website allows an employer to post a job position
  • The website has a recruiter service to find the best job candidates for the employer.
    Details at:

In Conclusion – My impressions of the Remote Nurse

In conclusion, I think The Remote Nurse has resources that can serve its niche well–those in the nursing, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant looking for a remote job. People looking for a remote position in nursing, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant may find this a helpful website.

This week:

This week, we look at websites that list remote job positions with “remote” in their website name. We are going to look at

Before we look at want to remind people to evaluate the job positions

When finding job positions anywhere on the Internet, please evaluate the job positions to help avoid job scams. Information on job scams at the Consumer Trade Commission at: Features features include

  • Search for Job Positions
    The main focus of is the ability to search for remote job positions.
    You can search for remote job positions in two ways: By keyword search and by browsing category.

Keyword Search
You can type in keywords you want to find in a job position.
Then hopefully, you will get a listing of job positions containing the keywords (or keywords) you typed in.
You then can select a job position from the job search list to get more details about from the Federal Trade Commission Job Scams –

Browsing Category
You can also find job positions by category.
If you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will see a listing of different categories.
Here is the number of job positions for each category when I searched on

  • Remote Admin and Assistants jobs – 3 jobs found
  • Remote Blockchain and Crypto jobs – 0 jobs found
  • Remote Business Development jobs – 19 jobs found
  • Remote Customer Service jobs – 23 jobs found
  • Remote Data jobs – 19 jobs found
  • Remote Design jobs – 11 jobs found
  • Remote DevOps and SysAdmin jobs – 14 jobs found
  • Remote Education and Coaching jobs – 0 jobs found
  • Remote Finance jobs – 23 jobs found
  • Remote Human Resources jobs – 24 jobs found
  • Remote Legal jobs – 4 jobs found
  • Remote Marketing jobs – 28 jobs found
  • Remote Media and Communication jobs – 3 jobs found
  • Remote Operations jobs – 5 jobs found
  • Remote Product jobs – 42 jobs found
  • Remote Quality Assurance jobs – 1 job found
  • Remote Sales and Partnerships jobs – 25 jobs found
  • Remote Software Development jobs – 52 jobs found
  • Remote Other jobs – 0 jobs found
  • All Remote jobs – 298 jobs found


Here are some conclusions I have from searching for job positions by browsing categories:

  • has about less than 300 remote jobs on their website
  • appears to emphasize technical positions, with the category “Remote Software Development jobs” having the most job positions from all the above categories.


What is in a job description

The descriptions of the job positions I saw will give details about what the job does, the requirements, and the skills also needed to complete the job effectively.
The jobs descriptions will have features like

  • How to apply
    The link will take you to the job position
    When I tested out four job positions, 2 of the job positions were no longer available; 2 other job positions were available.
  • The place where the job position is occurring;
    The United States appeared to have the majority of the job position listed
  • Job Description will list what Browing Categories the job position listed under
  • Job Description lists when a job is posted on


Other features

Some other features listed.

  • Remote Tools (link appears on the top right part of the website screen)
    Remote Tools appeared to be a marketplace of other commercial services that may help fulfill the needs of the remote worker.
    You may want to evaluate the services of that commercial service to see if that commercial service will fulfill your needs.
    One suggestion is to do a Google search with the commercial service name and then add the word “Review” or “Reviews” to the Google search.
  • Magazine (link appears on the top right part of the website screen)
    The magazine gives articles about the remote work field. I found a good layout of magazine articles: clear titles, pictures, and easily able to find articles. The most current article is from July 8, 2021.
  • Sweepstakes (link on the bottom left of the website)
    You have information about sweepstakes conducted by
    I believe the sweepstakes is no longer running.


What I liked about and did not like about

Here is what I liked about

  • Clarify of Purpose makes very clear what the intention of their website happens to be; it is a website that lists remote job positions, and this is the major function of the website.

  • Job positions may be less competitive

(This is my guess). Job positions may be less competitive than those on larger job board sites. Fewer people may visit than larger job board sites.


What I did not like about

  • io has about less than 300 remote jobs on their website
    You may not find the job position you are looking for on this website
  • Some features appear no longer functional. Some features of concern:
    • Remote Magazine Magazine section has their last article from July 8, 2021
    • Sweepstakes feature has a sweepstakes link that gives information about sweepstakes.
      The sweepstake appeared to accept entries no longer.
    • Some job positions no longer work
      I clicked the “Apply Now” link for about four positions listed. Two of the job positions were no longer available. Most job positions may work; these were just the positions I examined.


In Conclusion

I think is worth your time. clarifies what the website is designed to do; lists remote job positions.
You can quickly come to the website and find out if has job positions you want. If you find a job of interest, your job search may be over. If you do not find a job position of interest, you can check at a later time to see what opportunities may exist in the future. may be able to help you in your job search by looking at what opportunities may be available.

The where:

This week I would like to explore

Remote.Com is Different than

(Note: This is is not – was described in an earlier post on October 18, 2022)

What is may be helpful for those with a remote business looking to hire remotely. Job seekers may also gain looking at by learning more about the Remote work industry. focus on helping companies who want to hire remote talent. gives companies the ability to hire people outside their home countries. Description

  • YouTube channel describes itself as helping companies with “payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance” (From YouTube Channel).
  • A website called describes as a software platform called a “remote organization management platform” that helps companies do Human Resource functions like “payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.” (From provides an online platform to help companies manage their remote workforce. Features

Here are some resources on that may be of interest

  • Choose Remote Toolkit – Job seekers can find information in the Choose Remote Toolkit. The guide has a “Remote job opportunities: where to find your next flexible job” section. The Remote job opportunities have the following resources:
    • Remote job boards–places on the Internet to find websites that focus on finding remote job positions
    • Listing of Remote companies–listing remote companies that hire for remote job positions
    • Blogs that focus on remote work–listing blogs that focus on remote work.

(Found on pages 16–18 in the guide) (Do need to provide your email to get access to the guide)

  • Blog––has articles about Remote work–articles written from the perspective of a remote employer (
    One blog article of interest; “How to find the best remote jobs,” by
    Preston Wickersham (
  • “Remote talks”- talks with leaders in the remote work industry. (
  • Own Career Section– is a remote company; list career opportunities that is searching for (
  • Discover the best destinations for remote work. People who work remotely may have a choice on where they may wish to live. The guide gives suggestions on potential places to live while working remotely. The guide provides the top 100 places where people could live at ( (Do need to give your email to get access to the guide)

In Conclusion helps organizations find their remote talent across the world. Job-Seekers may gain information from the Remote work industry, but the website does not focus on Remote job seekers.

The Where:

( is a different website than
We will look at in a future post) comes from the same people who made comes from the same people who helped create

Features of

Here are some features of

Scroll down to the bottom part of

To get a sense of all the different features on I would recommend that you scroll to the bottom of the webpage.

At the bottom part of the webpage, you have six major sections
(The section in All CAPS)


Meet Remote.Co has some of the following sections:

  • About & Contact – learn more about You learn that comes from the same people who make
  • The Mobile Minds Project– project related to information and future study about remote work



Remote Q&A gives information about Remote Companies and Remote Workers. The information presents itself in a question-and-answer format.

Remote Companies

The section focuses on Remote Companies
The remote Companies section has two parts:
Questions are on the left side of the screen, and companies are on the right side.

  • The Questions (Left Part of Screen)

Listing of questions and answers related to Remote Work
The questions have the following categories:

  • Why Remote
  • Hiring Immediately
  • Managing Remotely
  • Working Remotely
  • Remote Worker Insights


  • The Companies (Right Part of Screen)

You can look at different Remote Companies
Get information on the Remote companies themselves
Information about the company presents itself in a question-and-answer format.

All Remote Workers

All Remote Workers give information about Remote Workers
The section is called “The Remote Worker & Digital Nomads Q&A.”
You have questions and answers from Remote Workers.
You will see Questions on the left side of the screen and Remote workers on the right side.

  • Questions (on the left part of the screen)

The Questions are in the following categories:

  • Going Remote
  • Working Remotely
  • Remote Career
  • Remote Life
  • Digital Nomads


  • Remote Workers (on the right part of the screen)

On the right side of the screen, you will see Remote Workers
You can learn more about what Remote workers do.
Information presented in a question-and-answer format


You read articles about Remote work.
Articles are in the following categories

  • Work Remotely
  • Why Go Remote
  • Build a Remote Team
  • Remote Management



Sometimes getting additional skills can help one find a job position
The Online Courses section is called “Best Online Courses for Remote Workers: Curated online to accelerate your remote career.” The section did mention some of the courses are free when you audit the course, but additional features may cost you. Check each class individually to find out the costs.

Courses organized by

  • Accounting Courses
  • Design Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Writing Courses



The last two sections then focus on finding Remote jobs.
You can search for Remote jobs in two ways: Keyword Search and Browsing by Category

  • Keyword Search

You can do a keyword search
You type in a keyword search, and then (hopefully) you get a list of job positions.
I do not see an advanced feature of options to make your job searches more focused

  • Browsing by Category

You can search by Category
You see the following categories towards the top part of the screen:

  • All
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Editing
  • Healthcare
  • HR
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Project manager
  • QA
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Writing
  • Other

You can click the plus sign (“+”) to give you the option of more choices:

  • Full -Time
  • Part-Time
  • Freelance
  • Entry-Level
  • High- Paying
  • International

You can also scroll through the screen’s bottom to see more categories to give you a more focused search.

What I liked and Did not Like about

What I liked about

  • Like you do not have to pay a subscription fee to access the jobs
  • (This is my guess) the competition for jobs will be less as fewer people will go to
    More people will go to than
    Many job positions are listed on both and
    When I searched for jobs on, I was also able to find these same jobs on

What I did not like about

  • You may have fewer jobs listed on than
  • You do not have an advanced search feature that allows you to make your search more focused

(You cannot search for job positions by Title field, for example) is a good website for finding remote work information and opportunities. I would recommend


The where: Job Boards that focus on Remote Job Positions (

For the next few posts, I like to focus on Job Boards that focus on Remote job positions.
I would like to start by focusing on

Flexjobs (

Flexjobs website has the following sections:

(1) My Dashboard
(2) Find Jobs
(3) My Job Search Activity
(4) Articles
(5) Learning Center
(6) Career Advice
(7) Events & Webinars

We will now look at each of these sections.

(1) My Dashboard

My Dashboard has features like

  • Resume Profile–Here, you can post your resume.
    Ideally, you can create a resume; recruiters will find you and offer you job offers.


  • Message Box – You find different messages that come from Flexjobs.
    From my personal use, most of the messages were information about upcoming classes Flexjobs was offering.


  • Remote Job Market Map – You can learn facts about the remote work industry
    For example, you can see a map of the United States where each state shows you the percentage of the number of people who work in the remote work industry.

(2) Find Jobs

I see in the Find Job section where you can find jobs.

One advantage of jobs found on Flexjobs is that Flexjobs will filter the job positions to increase the odds that the job positions are of high quality (reduce the odds of a spam job position, for example).

You have two different ways to search for job positions in the Flexjobs database: Keyword Search and Browse by Category.

Keyword Search

You can do a keyword search by typing in particular terms.
Type in the keywords that you want to find.
Ideally, you have a list of job positions displayed because of the keyword search.


You determine how you want the jobs to be displayed

You have two choices on how you want your job search list to be displayed

  • By Relevance–By default, Flexjobs will display jobs by Relevancy.
    Flexjobs will first display job positions that Flexjobs think come the closest to the keywords you typed in.
  • By Date–You can display job search results when the job is posted in the Flexjobs database system.


The right Side of the Screen Gives a More Detailed Job Description.

The listing of job positions will be displayed.
If you find a job you are interested in, you can click the job position to have a more detailed job description on the right side of the screen.


After the initial keyword search, you have additional search options.

You have additional search options displayed after your initial job search.
Some additional search options are:


Location Search Box

You may ask yourself, “Why are we searching for a location for a remote job?”
The answer is that some remote job positions may have physical geographical limitations.
For example, a potential employer may recruit for job positions in a particular area (a potential employer may require a person to live in a specific state in the United States, for example).

A remote job position may be a Hybrid position–where a person spends some time at their home while spending some other time at the office. Since a person needs to come to an office, this will impose a geographical limit.


Tips? Link

To the right of the search area is a “Tips?” link.
Click the “tips?” link will give you information on operators you can use in the search box to focus your search.
Operators are instructions you type in a search box that will give you control over how the keywords you type in are searched in that database.

For example, Flexjobs uses the (“+”) plus mark to be interrupted as a AND operator.
A AND operator means both keywords next to the AND operator must be in a job description for the job description to be displayed. The two words do not need to be next to each other, but the two words must be displayed somewhere in the job description.


“Remote” Box

The “Remote” box gives you the option on what type of Remote job position you want to find.
You click on the “Remote” box and will be given a menu of options.
Some options on the list are:

  • “100% Remote” Remote job positions where people can work entirely from their homes; they do not need to go into an office.
  • “Hybrid”–Remote job positions where people sometimes work at your home; and you sometimes at the employer’s office.


“Career Level” Box

The “Career Level” Box gives you options of what type of career level you are looking for.
Click the “Career Level” box to get a menu of options.
You have choices ranging from entry-level to senior-level management positions.

Browse by Category

You can also search for job positions by browsing by category.
You can see a list of different categories.
Click a category of job positions you are interested in
You will then get a job listing for jobs in that category.
For example, if you are interested in education & training jobs, you can click the “Education & Training Jobs” category.

(3) My Job Search Activity

My Job Search Activity contains information about your job search activity on Flexjobs.
My Job Search Activity will have features like:

“My Saved Jobs”

My Saved Jobs will list the job positions you save.
My Saved Jobs feature is a labor-saving device.
You may sometimes find an interesting job position that interests you, but you do not have time to apply for that job position.
You can “save” that job to quickly find the job later.
The “save” job will appear in this “My Saved Jobs” section.
You will not have to look through lists of job positions to find the job position again.
(Job positions in the “My Saved Jobs” section contain only active job positions. When a job position is no longer active, the job position disappears in the “My Saved Jobs” section).

(4) Articles

You have different articles on Remote jobs.
You can find articles on a wide range of information related to remote work.

Job Search Success Stores

One category of articles is called “Job Search Success Stories.”
Job Search Success Stories gives you information on people who have succeeded on their remote job search journeys.

(5) Learning Center

The Learning Center contains classes you can look at to learn more about Remote jobs.
Some features you can find in the Learning Center are:

Listing of specific classes

You can take classes to learn something about remote jobs.
You list four topic areas where classes are organized around a topic area.

The four areas are:

  • Building a Flexible Job
  • Finding a Remote Job
  • Working Remotely
  • Recoveries from Layoff

You can click one of these four areas to find a list of classes related to that topic area.

After these four topic areas, you can find additional classes a person can take to learn about remote work.

Downloadable Guides

In this section, you can find three downloadable guides–they are:

  • How to Find a Remote Job & Start Working From Home
  • Guide to Resume & Cover Letter
  • A Parent and Caregiver’s Guide for Returning to Work with Flexible and Remote Jobs

Expert Skills Tests

In this section, you can take skill tests to show a potential employer that you have that skill.
You can take a skill test.
You pass the skill test if you get above 70.
A skill test you pass will show up on your resume profile.
Ideally, a recruiter will see that you passed a particular skill test, and a recruiter will then contact you about job opportunities.
If you do not pass a skill test, you can re-take the test after 24 hours.
Flexjobs do not post failed test results.
Flexjobs will only show the skill tests that you are successful in.
Therefore, you may benefit from taking skill tests to show your skills.

(6) Career Advice

In this section, you can get help from a career expert.
You can get help from a career expert in two ways.

  • Submit a career question for a career expert to answer in a “Job Search and Career Advice Q&A.”

The “Job Search and Career Advice Q&A” section is a class called “Career Coach Q&A” where career experts will answer questions submitted to them.
The Career Coach Q&A class presented every
Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00 pm Central Standard Time.
You can read more about the Career Coach Q&A class in the next section, “Events & Webinars.”

  • Meet a career expert in a career session

You can meet a career expert in a career session.
Pay an extra fee to meet with a career expert.
The career expert may help you with job search advice, resume construction, and mock interview.

(7) Events & Webinars

This section lists the different events and classes that Flexjobs will be having.
Here are some events that can be listed in this section

Online Virtual Career Fairs.

One event that Flexjobs will have will be online virtual job fairs.
The Virtual Job fair will be a virtual fair where you can meet potential employers advertising remote job positions.
You can meet potential employers and find potential employment remote possibilities.

Career Coach Q&A class

Career Coach Q&A class where career experts answer questions that have been submitted to them.
The “Career Coach Q&A” class meets every Wednesday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm Central Standard Time.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, I want to mention the features I liked and did not like in Flexjobs.

Positive features I liked in Flexjobs.

Flexjobs appears to have about everything that would be helpful in a job search, including:

  • Resume profile – You can place your resume on the Flexjobs website.
  • Potential employers may find your resume listed and contact you for opportunities.
  • Job Positions–You can find job opportunities on the Flexjobs website.
  • Job Search history–You can get a record of your previous job search.
  • Save job positions–You can save the jobs you find and glance at the positions later.
  • Articles–You can read articles about remote jobs.
  • Classes–You can take courses in remote jobs.
  • Career Experts–You can access career experts who may help you in your remote jobs.

Disadvantages of Flexjobs

I think Flexjobs is an excellent website; here are a few disadvantages of Flexjobs I could see

A job seeker who has no income coming in; may find it challenging to pay for the subscription fee.

  • You can have highly intense competition for jobs posted on Flexjobs.
    You may have many people competing for job positions listed on Flexjobs.
    My guess is many people use Flexjobs and pay for the subscription membership.
    You are competing against other people who are motivated enough in their remote job dreams to pay for a subscription fee, creating intense competition for jobs listed on Flexjobs.
    I would recommend using Flexjobs as a tool but also using other tools.
  • No “title” searchability I like job search engines that allow you to do keywords search by Title.
    I think a Title keyword search can give you focused job search results.

Flexjobs is an excellent website that I would recommend to others.
Flexjobs is an excellent website; may everyone be successful in their remote work journey.
Thank you for reading.



Rejection in a Job Search: 7 tips to keep going

When a person is job searching, a job search result can feel like:

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, maybe (that later becomes a No), No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, and eventually Yes

A job search can sometimes feel like going nowhere despite your best efforts. Here are some ideas to encourage you to keep going in your job search when you have rejections:

(1) Rejection Tip #1: Think of a No as one more step closer to a Yes

Think of the No as a step closer to a Yes. It may be helpful to think of the No as one additional step closer to a yes.

(2) Rejection Tip #2: Try not to take the No personally

Attempt not to take the No personally; rejections in a job search will occur; attempt to not think of a No personally and think about the next opportunity.

(3) Rejection Tip #3: Have a routine in your job search where you are continually sending out stuff for opportunities.

You may be better able to deal with rejection when you know that you have additional opportunities that may say yes.

(4) Rejection Tip #4: Feedback from career experts: way to improve.

You may get rejections but not receive the reason for the objections.
Potential employees may not say why you received a rejection for the job.
You may receive feedback from career experts.

You may find career experts from

  • Workforce Development Officers
    Workforce development offices are state government agencies that may help a job seeker.
  • College/university Career Officers
    College Career Offices may offer career services to current students, graduates, and alumni of that college/university.
  • Non-profits
    Non-profits may provide career experts to help people.
  • Private sector
    Career experts from the private sector may help you. Career experts can be called different names, including “Career Coach” or “Career Counselor.” One recommendation I would give if go with a career expert that a pay-as-you-go system, so you only pay for the time you see the career expert rather than paying a lot of money ahead of time before seeing a career expert.

(5) Rejection Tip #5: Be Sociable 

Keep your social connections.
A job search can be a very stressful time. Taking time away from the job search is important to have social activities. Social activities can help you deal with the stress of the job search.

(6) Rejection Tip #6: Have other areas of life that you can define as success besides the job search.

You can define other areas of life as success besides the job search.
It may be helpful to have other areas of success.
Gain a feeling of accomplishment from other areas of life besides the job search. You can then feel successful even if you receive rejections in your job search.

Other areas of success could be

  • Weight Loss
  • Physical Exercise
  • Start a Hobby
  • Go to the library
  • Learn something new

(7) Rejection Tip #7: Review what you are doing and improve

In your job search, you can take some time to evaluate how your job search is going. You may evaluate your job search and see how you can improve. Some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Can you send out more job applicants?
  • Should you talk to a career expert?
  • Can you look at ways to improve filling out your job application, resume, or cover letter?
  • Is there a job club to join? (A job club is a group of people searching for a job together. Each person can learn from each other as people search for jobs.)

In conclusion

In conclusion, you may face rejections in a job search. You may find the above 7-tips helpful in your job search.