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The where: Vocational Rehabilitation Re-Post

This week, we look at something from the archive – from a blog article posted this year on April 23, 2023 – I hope you enjoy it.

This week, we look at Vocational Rehabilitation.
We are looking at Internet resources that may help some people on their remote job journeys.

Vocational Rehabilitation is a state government office in the United States that helps people find job opportunities with body limitations (or difficulties). People with body limitations (like back problems making it difficult to lift heavy items) may find the services in Vocational Rehabilitation helpful in your remote job journey.
A person may meet with a specialist who can help them with their remote job journeys.

You can often find a state government that will create a Vocational Rehabilitation web page that will give information about their state’s Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Check with the Vocational Rehabilitation office in your state to see what specific services your Vocational Rehabilitation office has and the specific guidelines to qualify for their services.

You may have a government office that functions similarly to those outside the United States.

For those looking for a Vocational Rehabilitation office for your state, you can do a Google search (or some other similar search engine) and type in the word phrase “Vocational Rehabilitation” and then the state you live in. If you are searching on Google, type the phrase “Vocational Rehabilitation” in quotes so Google will search for the entire phrase “Vocational Rehabilitation” instead of two separate words of Vocational and then Rehabilitation. You can search for the phrase “Vocational Rehabilitation” in quotes, which makes for a more precise search.

You can also look for listings of Vocational Rehabilitation offices on the Internet.

Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)
Federal Government Agency
One place to find a Vocational Rehabilitation listing is on the
United States Department of Education
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) webpage at

The Rehabilitation Services Administration lists Vocational Rehabilitation offices across the United States.
I am listing based on the alphabetical order of the state government.
The listing of Vocational Rehabilitation offices is below:

Internet Address:

Vocational Rehabilitation offices may help people who live in the United States find remote job opportunities. Vocational Rehabilitation may help people with body limitations (or difficulties) find their next remote job.

The where:

This week, we look at Yahoo (

Yahoo is a website that offers various products and services to people.
To get a list of the different Yahoo products and services, you can type in:
          Then select “More” on the top part of the computer screen.
You will then get a screen that says, “Products and Services.”
          You get an alphabetical listing of products and services that Yahoo offers.

Products and Services on

Here are some products and services that may be helpful for a person looking for remote opportunities.
From the “Products and Services” page

Types of Products and Services

Select the “Search” option from the “Products and Services” screen.
The search engine is on Yahoo.
You can do a keyword search for topics that you want to find.
You may find remote opportunities and resources.
(For example) You can type in the word “remote” and the job position you want to find opportunities to see if you can find helpful information from the search.
The Search engine feature is on the top of different article information screens.


Article Screens
Yahoo will give you different article information screens on various topics.
You can use the “Products and Services” page to find article information on a particular topic.
Here are some categories that may be useful to a person looking for remote opportunities

          Select the “news” option from the “Products and Services” page.
          You will get news articles on the current topics of the day.
          You can sometimes find news information in the remote industry.
For example, what a particular company may do with their current remote employees.

          Select “Finance” from the “Products and Services” page.
You may find article information on finance that may be helpful in your remote opportunity journey.

          Personal Finance Articles
          Select “Personal Finance Articles” from the “Products and Services” page.
You will go to a website called Cashay (
You can find different finance topics.
One helpful resource may be “Careers” (a link on the top part of the page)
You can find articles about different remote careers and opportunities.

          Select “Weather” from the “Products and Services” page.
You may get helpful weather information for your area if you have to travel to a location.

         Personal Finance News
          Select “Personal Finance News” from the “Products and Services” page.
You can find different articles on finance.
You may find helpful finance information on remote careers and opportunities.


Email is an option on Yahoo.
Yahoo gives you the option to use email.
You may use email to communicate with potential organizations about remote opportunities.

          Select “Mail” from the “Products and Services” page.
You will get the ability to use email on Yahoo.

Yahoo may have services that help you find your next remote opportunity.

The where:

This week, we are going to look at describes itself as the “largest public sector job board in the country.” looks at United States job positions.

You can use to look for different public sector jobs and then apply for those public sector jobs. Some of these public sector jobs can be remote job positions. The remote job positions could be fully remote; however, the remote job positions I saw in the system were hybrid remote job positions.


You can set up an account for free.
You must create an account to apply for job positions in the system. allows you to use a single application for various government agencies without creating a new one for each agency. You may save time filling out job applications for some government agencies.

Access Membership has an “Access Membership” option. Get noticed by government employers and receive job postings via email with the “Access Membership” option. The “Access Membership” is free.

Resources–, under the “Resources” link (in the upper right corner of the screen), has articles to help you with your job search.

How to Find Jobs

You can do a keyword search to find job positions
You can type in the words of the jobs you want to find
You then can add the word “Remote” to get a listing that may list remote job positions in the profession you are looking for.
(Ideally) You can get a list of job choices that interest you.
Select a job choice to get a more detailed job description.
You may find some remote job positions restricted to particular geographical regions.
You may narrow your job choice list by adding a geographical area in the Geography search box. may help you find a government remote job position.

The where: (August 21, 2023)

This week we focus on can help you find federal job positions with the United States federal government.
You can also look for remote opportunities with the United States federal government using

How to find remote jobs for the United States Federal Government

The remote jobs of the United States Federal government.

The United States federal government has two types of remote job positions.
The difference between the two remote job positions is whether the remote job position is fully remote or hybrid remote. Details for each remote job position will depend upon each job posting; remote jobs can vary.

The two different remote job positions are:

(1) Remote call fully remote job positions “Remote.”
Remote job positions are often fully remote job positions.
You may sometimes have to come to a physical location with Remote job positions. For example, you may have to train at a physical site.

You can find details on Remote job positions at: help screen called: “What is a remote job?”

(2) Telework call hybrid-remote job positions “Telework.”
Telework positions may give you a mixture of work time between working from home and at an employer’s location.

You can find details on Telework job positions at: help screen called “What is Telework?”

How to find remote job positions

You find federal government job positions (including remote job positions) through keyword search.
You type in keywords that you want to appear in the job posting.
You hopefully will then get a listing of job choices.
You then can select a job choice to get more details about that job position.

Type the keywords in the “Keywords” search box.

Remote jobs (how to find them)

You have a few options to find the more fully remote jobs called Remote jobs.

Find Remote Jobs in the initial job search

One option is to search for Remote jobs through your initial search.
You can type “remote” in the “location” search box.
You will then get a menu of choices under the “location” search box.
Select the choice called “Only show remote jobs.”

You will then get a filter created for your search.
The filter is a small black box appearing under the search options but above the actual search results.
The small black box will say, “Only show remote jobs.”
Other filters can appear in this area as additional small black boxes.
For example, you may see additional small black boxes listing the keywords you typed in for a federal job search.

Do the initial job search, then filter for Remote Jobs

Filter for the Remote jobs after the initial search
You can also filter Remote jobs after you have a search
After you search on, you will hopefully have a list of job choices that interest you.
You can filter down the job search using filters on the screen’s right side.

Select the “More Filters” box
You will then see a list of filters
Select the filter called “Only show remote jobs.

For Telework jobs, do an initial job search and then filter for Telework jobs.

Search for telework jobs after you have an initial job search on
You hopefully will have a listing of job choices.
You then can use the filters on the right side of the screen to filter jobs by telework.
Select the “More Filters” box
You will then see a list of filters
Select the filter called “Offers telework.”

Other important information related to job search on


When you apply for job positions on,
You will need to create an account.
The accounts are free.

Free accounts will allow you to apply for federal government jobs.
Other useful features can include

Save Interest Job Positions

Save interest job positions–as you search for jobs, you may find job positions of interest but do not have the time to apply for the job positions. You can save the position and apply for the job position later as long as the position is still being recruited. Be careful not to miss opportunities by letting the deadline to apply for jobs pass before you can apply for the job position.

Storage your job hunting documents

With a free account, you can store job-hunting documents.
You can store job-hunting documents like:

  • Federal Government Resume

(Federal Government Resume will often be more detailed than a private sector resume. For example, a Federal Government resume may list the number of hours you worked for a previous or current employer. You can create a Federal Government resume on the website)

  • Cover Letters
  • Transcripts

Hiring Paths

The Federal Government has job positions limited to people who have particular backgrounds. For example, if you are a United States Veteran, you may qualify for job positions in the “Veterans” hiring paths. list the different hiring paths on the right side of the screen.

Picture Symbol Circle–tells you the hiring path

The different hiring paths will have a picture symbol circle that will give a visual sign of that hiring path.
These same picture symbol circles will also appear in the job postings.
Picture symbol circles tell the job seekers what is the job applicant’s background needed to apply for that federal job.

Match the picture symbol circles in the job postings with those in the hiring path section on the right side of the screen.
For example, Veteran job positions in the federal government have a specific picture symbol circle.
You will see the Veterans’ picture symbol circle on the right side of the screen describing “hiring paths.”
You will also notice the same picture symbol circle in some job postings. When you see a Veteran picture symbol circle on a job posting, veterans can apply for that job position.

A job position may have more than one Hiring Path listing.
A job posting may have more than one picture symbol circle listed.

You may qualify for more than one hiring path.
The more hiring paths you qualify for, the more federal government opportunities will open for you.
US citizens make you eligible for the “open to the public” hiring path.

Click the “? Help” link next to the title “Hiring Path” words on the right side of the screen to get more details about Hiring Paths of the United States federal government.

The Federal government has different remote job positions. You may find your next remote job position with the United States Government.

The where: (Part 2 – what freelancers sell)

This week we continue to look at
We look at the question:

What are some of the different freelance services that are offered on Fiverr?

We look at the different freelance services that are offered.
In the last post, we discussed how Fiverr offered more than 200 different categories of freelance services that freelancers could do.

(You can get this information by going to
Type in Fiverr.Com
You will then see the home web page of
Click the link that says “Become a Seller.” The link is towards the top part of the web page.
You will then see a “Work Your Way” web page.
Scroll down the web page until you reach the section called “Q & A.
Click the question “What Can I Sell?”
You will get an answer that you can sell about anything as long as the service is legal and works with the Fiverr website policies. “Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms. There are over 200 categories you can browse to get ideas.” (From

You can access categories by either keyword search or browsing by categories.

Here are some of the different freelancer service categories
I will present the major categories and sub-categories.

(Major Category) Graphics & Design
(Sub-categories are)

Logo & Brand Identity
Art & Illustration
Web & App Design
Product & Gaming
Print Design
Visual Design
Marketing Design
Packaging & Covers
Architecture & Building Design
Fashion & Merchandise
3D Design

(Major Category) Programming & Tech
(Sub-categories are)

Website Development
Website Platforms
Website Maintenance
Software Development
Software Developers
QA & Review
Mobile App Development
Game Development
Support & Cybersecurity
AI Development

(Major Category) Digital Marketing
(Sub-categories are)

Methods & Techniques
Analytics & Strategy
Industry & Purpose-Specific

(Major Category) Video & Animation
(Sub-categories are)

Editing & Post-Production
Social & Marketing Videos
Filmed Video Production
Explainer Videos
Product Videos

(Major Category) Writing & Translation
(Sub-categories are)

Content Writing
Editing & Critique
Career Writing
(This category will offer services including Resume Writing, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile, and Job Description)
Business & Marketing Copy
Translation & Transcription

(Major Category) Music & Audio
(Sub-categories are)

Music Production & Writing
Audio Engineering & Post Production
Voice Over & Narration
Streaming & Audio
Sound Design
Lessons & Transcriptions

(Major Category) Business
(Sub-categories are)

Business Formation
Legal Services
General & Administrative
Business Growth
(In this category, you have Business Consulting for those who may want help with their remote business)
Sales & Customer Care
Professional Development
(In this category, you have Interview Prep – help with interviews)
(In this category, you have Life Coaching)
Accounting & Finance

(Major Category) Data
(Sub-categories are)

Data Collection
(this includes Data Entry and Data Typing)
Data Analysis
Data Management
Data Storage

(Major Category) Photography
(Sub-categories are)

Products & Lifestyle
People & Scenes
Local Photography
(includes an option that allows you to get a photographer in a local area; like New York City)

(Major Category) AI Services
(Sub-categories are)

Build Your AI App
Get Your Data Right
AI Artists
Creative Service
(In this category, have AI Video Art, the person will use AI to create an image or video for you)
Refine AI with experts

People have a wide variety of different freelance services they offer to people.

Here are some examples
(In my personal opinion, use only some of these examples for entertainment only)

  • Need help with knowing how the stars influence your life?
    Consult an Astrology Expert
    Type “Astrology Expert” in the search box
  • Want help understanding the star systems?
    Consult an Astronomy Expert
    Type “Astronomy Expert” in the search box
  • Want help in card playing at a casino?
    Consult a Card Counting Expert
    Type “Card Counting” in the search box.
    You will see a person named Patrick L. who describes himself as teaching you how to count cards for Blackjack.
  • Need help with caring for your pet?
    You may need a pet sitter.
    Search “Pet Sitter” in the search box.
  • Need help with your travels?
    Consider a travel agent to help your next trip
    Search “Travel Agent” in the search box
  • Looking for a conversational partner
    (often used to help a person learn a foreign language)
    Search “Conversational Partner” in the search box
  • Need a blessing for some reason
    Type “Blessing” in the search box to get people who will give blessings for various reasons.
  • Looking for a psychic for some reason
    Type “Psychic” in the search box to get different choices

Please evaluate each of these resources to see if they will work for your needs.

Now let’s hear from you. I have posted this content as a YouTube video on the Live Your Life Learning YouTube channel. You can type in the comments section. What services have you bought or sold on Fiverr? Leave a comment, and let’s start the conversation.

YouTube link:

The Where: Where Freelance Sellers And Business Buyers Meet.

This week we talk about Fiverr (
Fiverr is a top online meeting place where expert freelancers sell a service, and businesses buy the services they want.
Some ways you can earn income from Fiverr are:

Freelance Expert

You may earn income as a freelance expert offering a service.
You will need to decide what type of service you want to offer.
Fiverr can offer you over 200 different categories to choose from.
Fiverr mentions that any service is acceptable as long as the service is “legal and complies with our terms.” (from  – scroll down to the bottom of the webpage in the “Q&A” section can click the question “What can I sell?”)

Some of the major categories to sell freelance services can be:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Programming & Tech
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Music & Audio
  • Business
  • Data
  • Photography
  • AI Services

You will need to create an account on Fiverr.

You will give details about your services and the prices you want to charge.

YouTube videos to explain the Set Up Process

Here are YouTube videos to help you set up an account and start selling on Fiverr.

YouTube Title “How To Create A Fiverr Seller Account In 2023 (Step-By-Step)”
YouTube Title Address:
YouTube Channel: Tutorials by Manizha & Ryan

YouTube Title: “How to Create a Fiverr Seller Account | Fiverr Tutorial 2023”
YouTube Title Address:
YouTube Channel: “How to Digital

Need for Patience Sometimes

When you sell, give yourself time to get started as a business.
You may need patience to get your freelance business established.
It can take time to:

  • Create a record of high ratings:
    Customers will rate you.
    It can take time to get a rating history.
    Ideally, you want to have as high of ratings as possible.
  • Create time to get good customer reviews:
    Customers can leave reviews on their experience with you.
    Ideally, you have a history of positive reviews.
  • Create a good portfolio:
    You may be in a business area where having a good portfolio can increase your business. Creating good content pieces to create a great portfolio to show potential customers may take time.

The following YouTube video discusses the need to give yourself time when doing a freelance business on Fiverr.
YouTube Title: “How To Start Selling On Fiverr (Beginner 2022)”
YouTube Title Address:
YouTube Channel: Robert Delins
(About 4:47 in the video talks about customer ratings)


If you have an existing business, Fiverr may help you earn money in the following ways:

  • Hire a Fiverr expert – you may hire a Fiverr expert who can help grow your business
  • Fiverr Guides – Fiverr has business article information that may help your business.
    You can find article information organized as Fiverr Guides.
    You can access the Fiverr Guides by scrolling down the bottom of the webpage.
    Locate the “Support and Education” column and click the Fiverr Guides link.
  • Promote Fiverr – You may have an online business where you want to promote Fiverr.
    You can earn money by promoting Fiverr.
    I saw two different programs for being an influencer or Affiliate.
    The listed the details of each program under the “Community” column towards the bottom of the Fiverr webpage.
    You can click the Influencers or Affiliates links for more information about each program.

You may earn a remote income using Fiverr. Fiverr may have tools to help you make an income remotely.

This week: podcast interview with Neil King Jr.

This week we are doing a podcast interview with Neil King Jr.

Neil King Jr. appeared in an article in The Economist magazine. The Economist is a British magazine that focuses on international affairs. The Economist has a column written by Lexington. Lexington’s May 4th column in 2023 was called “What walking from Washington to New York reveals about America.” The column described Neil King Jr.’s walk from his home in Washington, DC, to New York City.

The walk took 26 days, 330 miles.
The podcast talks about Neil King Jr.’s new book called

American Ramble: A Walk of Memory and Renewal

The book is available on Amazon.
When I looked at the ratings, they rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.
Of the people who rated the book, 78% gave the book a 5-star rating.

A link to buy the book is below.

You can hear the podcast on common podcast networks.

You can find a YouTube version of the podcast on the following link:

Thank you for listening. Thank you.


The Where: The Small Business Administration–Your Remote Business Resource Helper

This week we talk about the Small Business Administration.

You may have a dream.
You may have an idea.
Be your boss.
Change the world.

You may decide to start your own remote business.
What is the Small Business Administration?

You may find it helpful to look at the Small Business Administration.
The Small Business Administration is a United States government federal agency.

The Small Business Administration helps people who have a business.
The Small Business Administration website provides resources for business operations.

The Small Business Administration website address:
Here are some resources found on the Small Business Administration website:

Business Information

You may gain helpful information that can help you with your business.
You can find two helpful links at the top of the Small Business Administration web page.
Those two links are:

  • Business Guide
    The Business Guide can help with business information
    Click the “Business Guide” link will open a menu of other valuable choices.
    Those useful choices are

    • Planning Your Business–link gives information on preparing for your business
    • Launch Your Business–link provides information on how to launch your business
    • Manage Your Business–link gives details on how to manage your business
    • Grow Your Business–link includes information on how to grow your business
    • 10 steps to start your business–link provides information on ten steps to consider when starting your business.
    • Explore our Business Guide – a different view of the Business Guide section.

Learning Platform

Click the “Learning Platform” link towards the top part of the Small Administration webpage.
You will get a menu of additional choices that may help you.
Click a choice to get more additional details.
One helpful choice is:

  • Learning Center–gives courses that may help you with your business; business courses that may help you.


The Small Business Administration may help you with funding your business.
Click the “Funding programs” link at the top of the Small Business Administration web page to learn about additional tools to help you.
Some of these tools are:

  • Loans–Get information on loan options for your business
  • Investment capital–You can read information on how you exchange your equality in your business for investment. You give up a certain amount of ownership in your company to gain investment.
  • Disaster assistance–You may get loans to help your business recover from disasters.

Federal Government: Your Customer For Your Remote Business

Federal Contracting-
The Small Business Administration can also inform you about having the Federal Government be your customer.

You can click the “Federal Contracting” link towards the top of the Small Business Administration webpage. You can gain information that may allow your business to sell your products and services of your company to the federal government.

Local Assistance

You may gain help from experts who can help you with your business. Click the link towards the top of the Small Business Administration called “Local Assistance.” You will get a menu of additional choices. Some of the different options that may help you are:

  • Small Business Development Centers–these are centers filled with experts who may help your business
  • SCORE–SCORE can help United States-based businesses with mentors

You may find help for your remote business from the Small Business Administration. The Small Business Administration may help you achieve success with your business.