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Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Career: a collection of ideas

Hands can do a lot

Hands can do a variety of different purposes.  Hands can welcome someone with a handshake, hold a door, write a story, type a story, play a computer game to save the cosmos from the evil alien invasion.  Hands can do a lot of stuff….when they are working.  People may have difficulties with their hands that may limit what a person can do.

One problem that may occur for people are Repetitive Wrist injuries (RSI).  Repetitive wrist injuries may make it difficult for people to do different things.

For myself

For myself, I had a case of Tendinitis many years ago for my wrists.  I found that doing many activities were difficult.  I am lucky that the wrists have for the most part recovered. I need to be aware of what I am doing and adjust my activities if I have to. If I spend to much time at a computer, I can go away from the computer and rest.

These are ideas that may help other people, just understand that each medical condition is different and the following ideas may not apply for you.  I am not a medical doctor.

A person with wrist problems may need to evaluate job positions by the physical activities involved in the job.  A person may have some job positions that may work physically and some job positions that do not work physically.  A person may risk having increased problems physically if they are in a job position that uses enough wrist activities that the wrist does not have enough time to heal.   The person physical condition could get worse.  If a person not careful, the physical condition can become worse each time you go off to work…the pain and money can be combined making it difficult.  You go off to work to make a living but the pain also increases.

YouTube Video

The problem I found is that it can be difficult to find out the physical requirements for job positions.  Sometime large organizations may list the physical requirements but sometimes the physical may not be listed.  Or the information is there but difficult to find.  For example, a YouTube video called:

YouTube Title: “What skills are essential for the Entry-Level Paralegal?”
YouTube Channel: Paralegal Career Mastermind
Published on October 18, 2020.”
The video talked about the importance of typing. (about 5:37 in the video).
Sometimes to consider if a person has difficulty with their wrists.

The following ideas may help people to find a career with wrist problems.
I hope the ideas are helpful.
If you have ideas that you think could be helpful, send them to me and I can look into adding an additional


You may not be sure of a job position physically when looking at a job description.  You may still want to apply for the job and learn more about the job during a interview.  Sometimes during an interview, a person can ask additional questions at the end of the interview.  I have asked a question like “During a typical day, what would be the routine for this job?” Ideally, you want the potential employer to explain what the job activities of this job would be like.  What would be the typical routine people may have in this job? You may be able to gain information as to what the physical activities may be.  You may learn the routine of job that can help you evaluate the job.  If you learn you will be at a computer typing all day, then the job may not be for you.

Here are some career ideas that may work for you

(Type of job positions) Talking to people is the major work activity

Job position were talking to a person is the major work activity.
May be called by different names: some names may be

  • Consulting, coach, advisor, consultant, trainer, facilitator, interviewer, instructor, guide, sales or something like that.

The talking to people is the “break” from the typing activity.
(Be careful of job position where you may be typing as you are talking; like customer service telephone positions)

Own your own business

You may be able to own your own business.
The advantage of owning your own business is that you can control how activities are done.

Here are some ideas, hope people find it helpful.

Thanks for reading.