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This week we look at LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a general job website that allows a person to search for job positions in different career fields.
You can also search for remote job positions.

Describe LinkedIn from my computer

I describe how LinkedIn appears on my computer screen. You may find LinkedIn resources appear different when you look at LinkedIn on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other devices.

Create a Profile

I recommend you create a profile to take advantage of the many resources on LinkedIn. You can create a profile for free.

Your profile is a computer screen in the LinkedIn system where you can give details about the professional you are. You can provide career information about yourself. You can determine what information you want on your profile. Details you could provide include current and past work and educational history and a list of skills you can offer to a potential employer.

Your profile may help you find your next remote opportunity. Ideally, a recruiter may find your profile and extend remote opportunities for you.

How to search for job positions

Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, you can search for job positions. You can do a keyword search to find job positions.

You can type in the keyword search box in the upper left corner of the computer screen.

You can type in a word or words related to the career you want to find.
Then you can start your search by pushing the Enter key
Ideally, you will then get a list of different job choices.
Click a job title to get a more detailed job description.
The job description will appear on the right side of the screen.
Job choices will appear on the left side of the screen.

You may have additional choices to adjust your search.
You may adjust your search by

  • Geography Search Box–you may see a geography search box on the upper left corner of the computer screen.
    The geography search box will be on the right of the search box you typed in your keyword search term.
    You can type “Remote” to show Remote job positions.

Filter choices

You may adjust your search by filter choices.
The computer screen displayed the filter choices as a row above the job choices.

Some of the filter choices are:

  • Remote filter–show if you want a remote, hybrid, or on-site job position. Remote means that you can do the job entirely from your home; hybrid–means you can do some of the job from your home, and some will be at an employer’s location. On-site means you may work at the employer’s site all the time.

When I looked at remote job positions, some of the job positions classified as “remote” appeared to be “hybrid” positions. The job description may not give you enough details to determine whether the job is completely remote or a hybrid position.

You may want to contact the potential employer directly to determine the remote arrangements with that potential employer.

  • Date posted–You can search for jobs based on the date when the job appears in the LinkedIn system
  • Experience level–You can search for jobs based on experience level. Some of the different experience levels can vary from intern to executive.
  • Company–You can search for job positions from a particular company.
  • Job Type–You can show what type of jobs you want to find. Different jobs can be full time, part time, contract, temporary, volunteer, or internship.
  • Easy Apply–You can look for job positions that are “Easy Apply.” Easy Apply is a button in some job descriptions that allows you to apply for positions quickly.

Other features

Here are some other features that may be useful for you:

  • Posts–You can write posts about your professional expertise. You can show your knowledge and expertise in a particular area.

Sometimes some posts will also have remote positions described

Your posts can appear in front of your LinkedIn connection network.

  • LinkedIn connection network–LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals. You may use these connections to learn more about the professional field, a source for informational interviews, and learn about career opportunities.
  • Learning (“in Learning”)–LinkedIn may have courses in their “in Learning” section that may help your career with data. You may have to pay a subscription fee to access some classes.

I would suggest a course called “Finding a Job on LinkedIn” by Oliver Schinkten. Oliver Schinkten is a staff instructor at LinkedIn.

You can do a keyword search to help you find courses.

LinkedIn is a general job site in many career fields, including remote ones. You may find your next remote opportunity using LinkedIn.