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Words can express ideas. Different terms may express similar ideas. Different words that may express similar ideas are word synonyms.

Writing can use synonyms to express similar ideas without repeatedly repeating the same word, and writing is boring to read or listen to the same word constantly.

Words describe jobs. Similar jobs may have different words to express the same profession. A person may use word synonyms to find more job positions in a particular career.

How can you find the different words to describe a particular profession?
Here are some ideas:


  • Google search for word synonyms–you can search the type of job position you are interested in and then type the word “synonyms” next to the term. You may find other words that can express the same job positions. For example, type in a Google search of “trainer” synonyms will give you additional word terms for the trainer profession.


A person may find other words used to describe a job position using My Next Move’s web page ( My Next Move is a government website created by the U.S. Department of Labor.


One can go to My Next Move (

Then one can type in the occupation one wants to find information about

Here, a person can type in the word “trainer.”

In the search box called “Search careers with key words

Type in “trainer

And then you get a list of different job titles

Can select the job title “Training & Development Specialists.”

You then get a job description of the Training & Development Specialists

If you click “Also called” (a link towards the upper part of the screen)

You will get other terms for Training & Development Specialist

And other words for the trainer are:

  • Computer Training Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer
  • E-Learning Developer
  • Job Training Specialist
  • Management Development Specialist
  • Senior Instructor
  • Supervisory Training Specialist
  • Technical Trainer
  • Trainer
  • Training Specialist


  • Informational Interviews–you may do an information interview to talk to people in the profession you are interested in; you may learn about other different word terms to express a profession.


  • Articles on a particular profession–reading professional articles can help you learn the potential word terms used to express a specific profession.


You may increase the job positions you may find in a particular profession by using different words to express that specific job position. Additional word terms may give you more ways to search for opportunities in a specific profession on a web job site.