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Course syllabus and track assignments

Been a busy week so hope you enjoy a previous post.

Series of Blog posts on career stuff. Focus will be on career exploration and Internet job resources. My hope is that you will find the information helpful in your career journey. As with anything you read on the internet, please evaluate the information you read and use the specific information that helpful to you.

Sometimes when you are a student at an educational institution – you will read sometimes called a syllabus that will give you more of a description of the course. The syllabus can be a guidebook of how to successfully complete the course. The syllabus may have information like when does the course meet, who is the instructor, and grading policies.

As you read the syllabus, you may find it helpful to create outline or list on a calendar when the different grading projects are due. You may find it useful to track your assignments. That way you may be able to plan out ahead of time when the different assignments from the course are due.