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Feeling Stress from the Job Search

Imagine you are traveling the Career Highway of life next to Career City.  You decide to search for a job position.  The vehicle you drive you decide to take the “Explore Job Hunting Resources” exit.  You plan to use the job-hunting resources in Career City, here are some resources that you can use….

Take a break from the job search

A person searching for a job position may be under stress.
The stress of the job search may be managed by doing another activity besides the job search.
You can take a break from the job search.
You can be re-charged when you approach the job search.

Activities you can do

You can take a break from the job search and feel energized when you start job searching again.
Each person will have their own activities they like to do, here a list of possible activities to consider.

(a)       Watch your favorite movie – give yourself time to watch your favorite movie
(b)       Read one of your favorite books
(c)       Take a walk
(d)       See a favorite low-cost or free destination in the place that you live in; Places could vary based upon where you are at and what you interests in; Could be a park, museum, library or some other type of place
(e)       See a play at a low-cost theater in school or community theater.  School theater could be colleges/universities or in the public school system
(f)        Get into a new hobby
(g)       Have conversation with friends and family
(h)       Travel to a new place – explore something new
(i)        Do a new activity – explore something new
(j)        Exercise

You could do a Google search of “free things to do” and the place you live in.  The Google search may give you ideas.

Spend some time in doing something besides the job search.  Do something that you can enjoy and take your mind away from the job search.  You may be able to reduce the stress of the job search and be able to get re-charged when you get back into the job search.