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Interview Practice

Imagine you are traveling the Career Highway of life next to Career City.  You decide to search for a job position.  The vehicle you drive you decide to take the “Explore Job Hunting Resources” exit.  You plan to use the job-hunting resources in Career City, here are some resources that you can use….

Practice Interview Skills

People can take part in interviewing as part of the job process.  Interviewing a important process where the potential job seeker is evaluating a potential employer and a potential employer is evaluating a potential job seeker.  Interviewing is an important process in the job search.

A career Internet resource that may help people in interviewing can be the web site called

I looked at two web pages, the two web pages were:

The web site uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to have people be able to practice their interviewing skills.  The web sites uses Google Assistant to have people practice their interview skills.  Computer system will ask questions, people can then give responses, and then the computer system can provide feedback.  People may be able to improve their interviewing skills with this tool.

A person can access the interview feature by using a computer device that uses Google Assistant.  A person can go to the web site, and then go to the “Try It Out!” section of the web site and then click the “Click to Try” Red Button.

I access the interview feature using my tablet. I used my Chrome App on my tablet.  I went to the web site on the Chrome App.  I went to the “Try It Out!” section of the web site.  I clicked the “Try It Out” red button.  I could use the interview practice feature.

A person does need to pay for this service.

A career service provider can buy a subscription service that will allow their clients to use the system.  The details are found on web site in the “Plans” section.  The “Plans” sections list three subscription plans to choose from; they are “Single”, “Team”, and “Enterprise”.

An individual person can pay for a Customized interview. A Customize interview adjusted to meet the needs of the specific individual doing the interview.  The details are found on the in the “Customize” section.

Interviewing can be important skill to develop as people search for job positions; a resource that may help people interviewing skills can be the web site.

I learned about this career resource from people giving me feedback on e-mail.  If people want me to explore a particular career resource on the Internet, just let me know.  You can offer a idea or suggestion at e-mail.

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas.

I created a video that looks at the on the Live Your Life Learning YouTube channel at