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DaVinci Resolve Free Good Video Editing Software

Some job positions may involve creating videos. A person may use video-editing software to help make videos using visual and audio content.
You may find a variety of different video-editing software choices on the Internet. A good choice can be Davinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve gives many powerful options that allow a person to create a quality video.
And the cost to get the DaVinci Resolve software is FREE–no charge. (Be aware that DaVinci Resolve has a cost version called DaVinci Resolve Studio).

Where other video-editing software choices may be better than DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve may not benefit everyone; here are some situations where DaVinci Resolve’s video-editing software may not be your first choice.

  • You do not need to learn a complicated video-editing software
    One problem may be its learning curve; DaVinci Resolve can be a complex video-editor software system to learn; a person may find a more simple video–editor software system that may benefit their needs.
  • DaVinci Resolve needs a good quality computer system.
    DaVinci Resolve requires a good quality computer system to take advantage of all the choices found in DaVinci Resolve.–an older computer system may limit the ability to use the DaVinci Resolve tools.

The following YouTube video can give information about different video-editing software choices.

YouTube Title: Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC – 2022 Review
YouTube Channel: Justin Brown – Primal Video
YouTube Publication: Jan 16, 2022
Web Address:

YouTube Videos that explain DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve allows you to do a variety of different functions with videos. Two YouTube videos that can explain DaVinci Resolve can be:

YouTube Title: DaVinci Resolve – [UPDATED] Complete Tutorial for Beginners!
YouTube Channel: Jun 20, 2021
Published On; Justin Brown – Primal Video
Web Address:
I think the video does an excellent job of introducing people to DaVinci Resolve. The video outlines topics they cover and uses great visual cues to help explain the material.

YouTube Title: RESOLVE 17 CRASH COURSE – Davinci Resolve 17 Walkthrough [BEGINNER]
YouTube Chanel: Casey Faris
Published On:  Dec 17, 2020
Web Address:
I think the video does an excellent job of giving more details about the Davinci Resolve tool.

I found the DaVinci Resolve tool to be a good video editing software to help people create quality videos. You may discover DaVinci Resolve to be the video editing tool to be the smart choice for your video-editing needs.

Professional Rejection in a Professional Life

You may have received rejections in your professional life; I think it is a common occurrence among people. Examples of professional rejection in my own life have been:

  • Job application rejections
  • Business selling rejections
  • Voice–over auditions rejections
  • Writing submissions rejections

Rejection can be a common occurrence that many people will share.
Rejections can be a common trend people may have in their professional careers.
Here are some ideas on how to deal with professional rejections.

Try not to take professional rejections personally

Attempt not to take a professional rejection personally.

People may have personal feelings when they receive a professional rejection from time to time; I think people are more likely to have personal feelings if the professional rejection surprised them.

Act professionally towards others when you receive a professional rejection. Not acting professionally towards others can create more problems for you and others involved.

As best as you can, try not to take the rejection personally and attempt to (if possible) learn from the rejection. You may find it valuable to work with a professional counselor. Or get support from a friend, family, or social group to help you deal with your personal feelings towards a professional rejection. You may learn something from the rejection to help you achieve your next professional opportunity.

Multiple Many

(a) Multiple Many–If possible, try to have many multiple opportunities in professional life–so if you receive rejection in one area–you may find opportunities in another area.

Having alternatives can be helpful to professional life–having choices helps give people hope for their professional lives. For example, a person may benefit from having two career options rather than just one. For instance, in job hunting land to keep hope alive, Richard Bolles, the author of a best-selling book series called What Color Is Your Parachute? Wrote in a 2013 edition:

“Hope depends upon taking care that we have at least two alternatives, in every situation we find ourselves, and with every task confronting us…To have only one plan, one option, in any situation, is a sure recipe for despair…. In order to never become hopeless, you want to be sure that in every situation you find yourself, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. You must determine to always have at least two alternatives; in every challenge you are facing” (Page 1-2; published by Ten Speed Press) (Richard Bolles described a paragraph of alternatives in unique features to a job hunt on pages 1-2)


(b) Feedback – you may find the feedback helpful when facing rejection. Feedback from others may help you find areas to improve. For example, you may find a career expert who can offer valuable feedback on the job search. You may find a writing coach who can improve your writing as another example. A writer coach may discover areas you can use to improve your writing. Reading your writing, you may not find all of your errors. Feedback can be a way to improve. You may achieve success in your next professional opportunity with feedback.

Try to find accomplishments outside of your professional life

(c) Try to find accomplishments outside of your professional life–if you are able, see if you can find achievements outside your professional life and activities. You may have other areas of life where you can find achievements. For example, you may find accomplishments through:

  • Connections with social groups
  • Connections with friends
  • Connections with family
  • Hobbies
  • Volunteer activities

You may deal with rejections in a professional life easier when you can find other sources in your life where you can discover accomplishments. These different areas of life may fulfill you with a sense of accomplishment when you are facing rejections in your professional life.

Know your odds

(d) Know your odds – professional life in some areas can be very competitive, for example, professional acting. If you are going into a very competitive professional field, at least be aware of the odds so that you know rejections are likely to occur as you pursue your professional goals in those competitive areas. In the more competitive areas of professional life, you can know rejections are standard, and rejections are a part of professional life in those competitive areas.

Find Support in Social Connections

(e) Find Support in Social Connections–If you are feeling stress from rejections in your professional life, I would recommend (if possible) finding support through social connections. You may find your friend or family members may comfort you. Dealing with professional rejections alone may make it more challenging to deal with the stress.

You also may find social groups that can support you in a particular professional area. If you are job searching, for example, you may deal with the job search stress better by having support from a job support group.

Professional help from a professional counselor

(f) Professional help from a professional counselor–if you feel professional rejections are creating a lot of stress for you, you may benefit from seeing a professional counselor who may help you deal with the stress.

Often rejections are not final

(g) Often rejections are not final–Think of the “No” as one step closer to a “yes”–you may think of the No as one step closer to a yes. Seeing rejection as a process rather than the final destination may help you have the energy for your next professional opportunity.

Rejections can be a part of professional life; the ideas described above may help you deal with rejections and help you achieve your professional goals in your professional life.

Resolution Career Goals 2022

People at the beginning of a new year often will create resolution goals.
People may have resolution career goals for 2022
Here are some ideas to help people reach their resolution career goals for 2022.

  • Make it specific–you may have better luck accomplishing your resolutions if you make the resolution precise. Creating a particular resolution may make it easier to accomplish; you may get a sense of progress towards your goal resolution.
  • Schedule the activity–you may have better luck doing the action if you schedule it. For example, if I plan to do job searching, I can make sure I have enough time available to do the job search.
  • Do it in the same place–you may find it valuable to do the activity in the same place. For example, you may find it helpful to do a job search in the same area in your home. People may vary in what location they may find beneficial. For instance, I would say a quiet place would work best when searching for a job. Find a site that works best for you.
  • If your resolution is a big goal, you may find it easier to break the big resolution goal into smaller pieces. For example, suppose you have the resolution to go back to school to get a degree in a career area. In that case, you can break the degree goal into smaller parts of smaller goals of completing specific coursework towards that degree.
  • Award yourself–as you progress towards your resolution goals; reward yourself occasionally for making progress. Award yourself that can re-charge your energy banks and give you a sense of accomplishment that you are achieving your goals.
  • Writing your goals can help you stay focused on achieving your goals. For example, writing what goals you like to do the next day may help you stay focused on accomplishing your tasks—for example, writing which potential employers you want to contact the night before.
  • Recognize that you may have difficulty achieving some goal resolutions smoothly; you may have some setbacks. Recognizing that you may have some setbacks in goals may allow you to have the energy to continue to reach the goal.
  • Don’t be afraid to modify resolution goals if need be–in job hunting land. You may find it challenging to enter a particular field (like professional acting, for example). You may find another occupation that still interests you. At the same time, not be as competitive to enter.


These are some ideas to accomplish your goal resolutions for 2022.
Have an enjoyable year.


Lists lists, lists

You may start seeing lists of various things related to 2021.
We can find lists on many topics.
Lists can be found related to careers.
Lists can give a person information about careers related to 2021.

Evaluate the information

As you look at what information you may find on the Internet, be sure to evaluate the information.

Google Search

Using a Google search, here are some searches that will give you information related to careers over the current year of 2021. Your imagination only limited you to what type of searches may be possible. Here is an example of searches related to careers for 2021. In this example, I will look at top careers and the following areas.

  • General Search

You can search on Google using the phrase:
Google search example “Top careers in 2021.”

You have a general sense of what the top careers may be; each publisher of the information will determine for themselves what “top” careers are.

If you want something more specific, you can have a more particular list by:

  • By income

You can search for Google to look at what jobs have the highest income
Google search example “Top careers in income in 2021.”

  • By field

You can search on Google looking at the top jobs in a particular field.
Google search example “Top careers in education in 2021.”

  • By Most In-Demand

You can search on Google to look at the most in-demand fields
Google search example “Top careers in most-demand in 2021.”

  • By remote

People may want to have a remote career; that could mean working entirely from home; or working partially from home (sometimes called a hybrid job position)
Google search example “Top careers in remote in 2021.”

  • By schedule flexibility

People may want to have scheduled flexibility in a career
Google search example “Top careers in schedule flexibility in 2021.”

The above examples are some searches you can do related to careers. You are only limited to your imagination in what lists you may find. What lists did you find related to careers and 2021? Let me know by e-mailing me at

I look forward to hearing what people find.

Sometimes it can be good to hear feedback from the audience from time to time.  So, here are some e-mail addresses where you can send feedback.

The e-mail addresses to provide feedback are

E-mail can be important communication to a potential employer.

E-mail address name

The way you call your e-mail address can influence how effective your communication can be with a potential employer. If you use an e-mail address like the ones used listed above in this article, you will likely not have success.  Try to have a positive e-mail address name when communicating with a potential employer.

E-mail free of grammar and spelling errors

An E-mail will leave more of an impression if you can have an e-mail free of grammar and spelling errors.  You may want to take an e-mail through a grammar software program.  Common grammar software programs can be Grammarly and Pro Writing Aide.  Better yet, you may be lucky enough to have someone read your e-mail for errors.  Another person may be able to find errors read your e-mail.

E-mail just for career purposes

Have an e-mail used just for career purposes; you may find it helpful to create an e-mail just for career purposes.  You can create an e-mail just for career purposes to help avoid having your e-mail mixed up with various messages.  Your significant opportunity e-mail will not become mixed with the important family event or sporting event e-mails. Have an e-mail just reserved for career purposes.

“Junk” part of your e-mail system

E-mail can sometimes get lost in the “junk” part of your e-mail system. For example, Yahoo has a “junk” e-mail folder called Spam.  The spam folder helps get rid of e-mail junk.  However, you may find an essential e-mail in the Spam folder sometimes.  You may find it helpful to look at the “junk” part of your e-mail system to see if you have an important e-mail.  An article that talks about the “junk” part of the e-mail system are the following

Article: “Junk mail folder”
Updated last time: 4/12/2021

E-mail can be important with your communication with a potential employer. You can try the above tips to increase the effectiveness of your career job search campaign using the ideas listed above.

If you like to provide feedback, you can contact me at The other e-mails listed above are e-mails that I created – so the e-mails are valid, but the e-mails are not used for anything.

The purpose of the content is to provide insight, research, and opinion, not to provide professional, legal, or tax advice. Please see an individual expert for individual guidance

Thanks for listening.


You are going to have an interview. Great. Consider Researching the company

You are going to have an interview. Great. You have been successful in moving closer to getting a job position.

Research the company

While you are waiting for the interview, you could consider researching the company. The research may help you in the interview. You can also evaluate this potential employer to see if you want to be an employee at that potential employer.
Here are some places you could consider researching on the Internet to find more information about the company.

Web Site of Company

Web Site–many companies nowadays will have a website of their company on the Internet. The company website can be a valuable source of information. You could evaluate questions like:

  • What does the company do? (Who are the customers of the company’s services? What types of problems is the company trying to solve?)
  • The company history (when was the company established? Why was the company created?)
  • How well is the website web constructed? Does the structure make sense?
  • Is the content on the website high quality? Does the content on the website make sense?
  • Are the links on the website accurate?
  • Does it appear that the website is current and up to date?

The website is often the front entrance to a business; how the business creates its website can give an impression on how the company presents itself to the public.


LinkedIn–LinkedIn is a professional career social media website. People can sometimes find connections with other people in their profession and find opportunities. Companies will sometimes create their LinkedIn page where they describe themselves. You may find more about the company by reading a company’s LinkedIn page.
(The company may give you the ability to “follow” them–if you are interested in the company, “follow” the company so you can get more information about the company).


Reviews–you may find out reviews on a potential company. Reviews can come from two sources: employees of the company (both past and current) and customers.

Employees of the company (both past and current)
Employees of a company may give reviews on the working conditions of working at that potential employer. You may gain ideas about what the working environment of that company may be. To find employee reviews, you can look at: (
You can go to a website called, a job website where people can find job openings. will also provide reviews to learn more about a company. You can type on www. and then click the link called “Company reviews.” (
You can go to a website called is a job website where people can find job openings. will also provide reviews that people can use to learn more about a company. You can search for the company you are interested in and type in the word “Reviews.”

(You may have to create an account and give your reviews on companies you have worked at gaining access to the information–to create an account and leave your reviews are free).

Customers Reviews

Customers can use the Internet to leave reviews.
You can see how well the companies relate to their customers.
You can do a Google search and type in the potential company along with the word “reviews.”
You may get information on different links that may provide review information.
Some potential employers will have a description that will appear on the right side of the screen.
The description will often have a feature called “Google Reviews”–you can click on this link to gain more information on what customers have said about the potential business.


YouTube is a website that allows people to post videos that the public can see. Companies may create their own YouTube channel that will have videos that will give information about the company. You may gain insights into a business by looking up videos on YouTube about that company.

News Media

You may also learn more about a company by seeing if that potential company is in the news. And if so, what is the news coverage? You can do a Google search and type in the name of the potential company and then type in words that relate to news. Words could include “news coverage, TV coverage, radio coverage, or media coverage.” You may find articles that give information about that potential employer.

Evaluate the information you read

Like all information that you read on the Internet, be sure to evaluate the information to see if that information may be helpful for your needs. Since any organization can produce anything on the Internet, you will want to assess the information that you read.

You are going to have an interview. Great. You may find it helpful to learn more about that potential employer through research.


Remote work is here, and it is growing

Different Trends

There can be different trends or patterns in society; one trend or pattern has been the growth of working remotely; the work can be completely remote that is works entirely at a person home or a hybrid situation where a person sometimes works at home some of the time and then goes to the office the other part of the time.

Statistics on the Remote Industry for work at home

The following article explains some statistics that describe the remote work industry:

Article Title: The Ultimate List of Remote Work Statistics for 2021
Author: Jack Steward
Updated: Oct 27, 2021
          (One statistic describes that since 2009, the number of people who work remotely has grown 159%).

YouTube Video on Work at Home Real Time with Bill Maher

Remote work is here to stay and growing; a video that describes how the work area has changed can be found in the following video:

YouTube Title: Kevin O’Leary: They’re Never Coming Back | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
YouTube Publisher: Real Time with Bill Maher
Published: Nov 12, 2021
          (Talked about how people want to have arrangements where people can work remotely or at least sometimes).

Remote work appears to be growing and will be a factor in career decisions for the future. For those who want to know more about the industry of remote work, here are some written materials that describe the remote work industry.

Industry Reports/Annual Reports

Article Title: State of Remote Work
Published: Owl Labs
Collection of Annual Reports on Remote work from 2020 to 2017

Article Title: The 2021 State of Remote Work:
Top insights and data from one of the largest remote work reports.

Article Title: What next for remote work: An analysis of 2,000 tasks, 800 jobs and nine countries
Published: McKinsey & Company

Article Title: PwC’s US Remote Work Survey:
It’s time to reimagine where and how work will get done
Published: PWC

Article Title: Remote Work Guide
A comprehensive guide to the world of remote work.
Published: Wrike

Remote work is here to stay; and will probably continue to grow with time.

I plan to focus on future articles on remote work and ways people can earn an income from home. If people want to give their thoughts about remote work or making an income from home, you can e-mail me at Thanks for reading. Thank you.