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The problem with phone messages

Have you ever had the following occur?

  • Your phone rings, but you cannot pick it up. You check your voice mail later to hear a message from someone asking you to call them.
  • You call the person from the voice mail, except the person not available, so you leave a voice-mail message on their phone asking that the other person call you back.
  • The other person calls you back, but you are unavailable, so the other person leaves a voice mail message asking you to call them.
  • You call them, and they are not available, so you leave a voice mail message on their phone.

And so, the pattern continues, you and the other person play a game of phone tag where each person cannot reach the other person.

Calendly may be a solution

Is there are a way to reduce the odds of playing phone tag?

Well, yes, you may solve the phone tag with the following solution.
The solution is using a website called Calendly

Calendly allows you to have another person schedule an appointment by which you can meet the other person. You specify the time frames by which you can accept an appointment, and the other person can make an appointment to see you. Calendly can connect people without the game of phone tag.

Calendly works in the following way:

  • You create an account on Calendly at the website
  • You then create an event page to describe the event and the time frames by which you can accept an appointment. The event page will be the screen that another person will see when they make an appointment to see you.
  • You then will get an Internet link that will connect to your event page.
  • You then can use the Internet link in communication with a potential employer. The potential employer can use the Internet link to connect with your event page.
  • The potential employer then could make an appointment to see you using Calendly.

Calendly may work with a potential employer when you are using e-mail (or other similar communications that will support Internet links). Calendly may also work for resumes and cover letters where the complete Internet address link is listed; a potential employer may copy the link into a web browser and then be able to see your event page.  The potential employer could then make an appointment.

YouTube explains Calendly

We can find a YouTube video that explains how to use Calendly at:

YouTube Title: How to use Calendly – Tutorial for Beginners (2020)
YouTube Publication When: June 11, 2020
YouTube Channel: Simpletivity

They used Calendly in sales to encourage potential leads to make an appointment with the salesperson; you may use Calendly to have a potential employer make an appointment with you.