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(This week, we use something from the archive post)

This week we continue looking at websites that focus on remote job positions.
The one change we are making is not looking at websites with the word “Remote” in them.
We are going to look at I plan to refer to this website by the name of VirtualVocations. This website focuses on helping people find Remote job positions.

The main focus of VirtualVocations is providing the remote jobseeker access to remote job positions.

VirtualVocations has many services accessed only through a subscription-based service. You will need to evaluate your needs to see if the subscription-based service works for you. 

Some of the different features found on VirtualVocations are:

(1) Job Openings

The website focuses on helping remote job seekers find remote job openings.
The website mentioned researchers from VirtualVocations evaluate and select remote job positions that appear on the VirtualVocations website.

You do need to be a subscriber to access job positions. You need to be a subscriber to access the job description details.

You can search for job positions in two ways.

  • Keyword Search

You can use a keyword search to find job positions.
Keyword Search has an Advance Keyword search feature to give you more options to search for job positions.

  • Browse

You can browse by job positions by clicking on a browsing category at the bottom part of the screen.

You will get a list of job choices by a keyword search or by clicking a browsing category. You can click the job choice to get a more detailed job description.

(2) Companies

You can access information on different remote-friendly companies using the “Companies” link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
You can search for Remote Friendly companies by browsing by categories.
You click a category and get a list of choices of remote-friendly companies.
You can get more details on a company by selecting a company choice. A detailed company description will then appear.
The company description will also list the company website.

You can get access to the Friendly Remote Company information without a subscription.

(3) Career Content

Under the “Career Center” link in the screen’s upper right-hand corner, you can find remote work career information.
The career content is organized into the following sections

  • Courses
  • Guides
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Remote Resources

For each section, you will see a few items in that section on the Career Content screen.
To see all the items of a particular section, you can click the “View All” link on the right side of that section. So, for example, if you want to see all the courses on VirtualVocations, click the “View All” link in the Courses Section.

One section that could be helpful is the Guides Section.
The Guides section gives you information for specific industries;
Some of the guides were:

  • Telecommute Pharmacist Jobs
  • Telecommute Accounting Jobs
  • Telecommute Transcription Jobs
  • Telecommute Jobs of Legal Professionals
  • Telecommute Jobs for Bilingual Jobseekers
  • Telecommute Jobs or Administrative Assistants
  • Remote Jobs in Virtual Marketing
  • Remote Sales Career Guide
  • Telecommute Jobs for Education Professionals
  • Remote Jobs in Project Management
  • Remote Non-Profit Career Guide
  • Remote Information Technology Career Guide
  • Remote Human Service Career Guide
  • Remote Healthcare Career Guide
  • Remote Customer Service Career Guide
  • Remote Jobs in Virtual Consulting
  • Remote Account Management Career Guide

You will need a subscription to be able to access these guides.
(Some guides are available if you use the free subscription option by getting registered).


(4) Career Experts 

You can also gain access to career experts who can help you with your job search.
You can access remote career experts by clicking the “Blog” link in the right-hand corner.
You will then see a link called “Career Services” in the right-hand corner of the screen.
Career experts can help you with career services like a cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn Profile.
You can access career services for an additional fee.

(5) Blog – Career Articles

You can access remote career content on the VirtualVocations Blog. You can click the ” Blog ” link in the screen’s upper right-hand corner. You will then find different articles related to the remote work industry.
One article feature is the “2022 Employer Partner Remote Job Openings.” The article gives information on VirtualVocations remote employers hiring for that month. For example, you can learn about the VirtualVocations remote employers for November by reading the “November 2022 Employer Partner Remote Job openings” article (published on November 9, 2022).

My Impressions of

I like You can gain access to job positions, career content, and career experts.
The one disadvantage is you must pay a subscription fee to access much of the information from this website. The rates were about $16 per month, $40 for three months, and $60 for six months.

One suggestion may be to pay for one month and see if the website works for you. You will want to cancel the subscription service before the month is completed if you decide the subscription service does not work for you.

You can also do a free subscription, giving you access to some resources. reminds me of another website that focuses on remote job seekers. The other website is called Some of the similarities between the two websites are:

  • Access to job positions after paying for a subscription
  • Access to career content that may be helpful for remote job seeker
  • Access to career experts who may help the remote job seeker.

If you like, you may also like Good luck with everyone’s remote job search journey.