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Benjamin Franklin – effective no matter what your age

 Busy time of life for me so decided to use a past post about Benjamin Franklin; post appeared on July 1, 2019; I hope that you enjoy.

Going to post something little bit different from career area going to talk about history

July 4th the day we celebrate the United States Independence from Great Britain, people may think about the American Revolutionary War.  I enjoy reading about the heroes of the American Revolutionary War.  One of the heroes of the American Revolution War I enjoy is Benjamin Franklin – here was a hero that was an inventor, took part in the American revolutionary activities and a successful Business person.

Benjamin Franklin was involved in many of the American Revolution activities at a later age in life. Some of the activities he was involved in were:
•           1776 – Declaration of Independence (Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old)
•           1776 – diplomat to France (Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old)
•           1783 – 1784 Treaty of Pairs – ends the American Revolutionary War (Benjamin Franklin was 77 years old)
•           1787 – United States Constitution Convention (Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old)

For me, Benjamin Franklin can be as an example of what you can do no matter what your age happens to be.  Regardless what age a person may be, a person can be effective and contributor to society – just like Benjamin Franklin.

(source “Benjamin Franklin Timeline 1741 – 1790”