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Time Zones and be sure to connect at the right time

Series of Blog posts on career stuff. Focus will be on career exploration and Internet job resources. My hope is that you will find the information helpful in your career journey. As with anything you read on the internet, please evaluate the information you read and use the specific information that helpful to you.

Lets image the following:

  • you receive a message that requests that you call an organization at 2:00 pm for an important meeting.
  • the organization based in New York City in the state of New York. New York City would be in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States.
  • you live in Kansas City in the state of Missouri. Kansas City is in the Central Time Zone.
  • The message does not say if it is 2:00 pm Eastern Time Zone or 2:00 pm Central Time Zone – how do you know the correct time to call? Is the location that you are calling have Daylight Savings Time that could affect what time you are to call the organization?

You want (if possible) create an agreement with the organization as to what time to call.  (Let’s say in the example it was 2:00 pm Central Time Zone).   Time Zones can sometimes create confusion as to when two people should connect over the phone.

There can be different Internet web sites that can give guidance on time zones.  Here one potential web site that may help.

A web site called can help you will time zones.  The web site will give you the correct time of two different locations.  You can use the following:

Click the web site:

Then click
          Time Zone (a link in the upper part of the screen – the third link from the left)
You will then get a menu of choices will appear
Then click
          Time Zone Converter
          You can then type in two cities and the time of one of the cities.
The web site will then give you the time of the other city.
Web site mentions will adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

Time Zones may can create confusion as to when people should contact each other.  The Internet can help people to know the information when to call each other between time zones.