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Feeling Stress? Unplug from the news

Sometimes when I watch the news, I can feel stress and depressed; some of this may be that the news tend to emphasize negative news rather then positive news; will hear about the bus driver crash instead of the bus driver who spent 30 years safety transporting children day after day.

If the news gets you down, you may consider just to unplug from the news.  You can still learn what going on in the world; you may just adjust the amount of news that you receive.  You may decide to obtain a news summary. You may decide to hear the news summary from a radio broadcast that does news at the top of the hour.  You may be able to get your news from a news summary rather than watching (or listening or reading) the news for several hours

Instead of the news, here some activities to consider:
* Hobby – look into doing a hobby that may interest you
* Read – read a book
* Movie – watch a movie that interests your
* Get involved – may be able to find ways to get involved on a particular issue that interests you
* Social connections – people are social animals; people are social beings; you may find it valuable to stay in contact with people.  Social connections may help you with stress you may have. You may be able to find the social connections with each other
* Look up something positive – with the negative news; sometimes difficulty to see the positive stuff that goes in life.  You may not be able to see the positive events that occur in life.  For example, you may be able to enjoy a wonderful piece of food that you enjoy (hello sausage pizza).  You can search for positive news on the Internet.  Do an Internet search looking up terms like “Good news” or “Positive news”.  You could do a search on Google (Or search on YouTube to watch a positive video)
You can look on Google to find other search terms to search by.  You can search for the definition of terms like “Good”, “positive” or “news” to give you other terms to search by.
* Comedy – laughter can improve much; you may enjoy watching your favorite comedian or watching a comedy movie.
* Play a game – play a game with others

I enjoy searching for the research that in development and new treatments for Covid 19 that can help people.

If you are getting depressed from the news, consider unplugging from the news for awhile; don’t listen (or watch or read) the news for several hours.  Consider doing another activity,

To those facing difficulties, thoughts, prayers, hopes and other stuff (and anything else one can think of where people can express this better than I) – hope your situation improves.
To those facing joys, celebrate the joy and hope you continue to have them.

To occupy people’s minds,
According to Google, what was the first airplane invented, when did the first successful airplane flight occur?