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The where: (Part 2 – what freelancers sell)

This week we continue to look at
We look at the question:

What are some of the different freelance services that are offered on Fiverr?

We look at the different freelance services that are offered.
In the last post, we discussed how Fiverr offered more than 200 different categories of freelance services that freelancers could do.

(You can get this information by going to
Type in Fiverr.Com
You will then see the home web page of
Click the link that says “Become a Seller.” The link is towards the top part of the web page.
You will then see a “Work Your Way” web page.
Scroll down the web page until you reach the section called “Q & A.
Click the question “What Can I Sell?”
You will get an answer that you can sell about anything as long as the service is legal and works with the Fiverr website policies. “Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms. There are over 200 categories you can browse to get ideas.” (From

You can access categories by either keyword search or browsing by categories.

Here are some of the different freelancer service categories
I will present the major categories and sub-categories.

(Major Category) Graphics & Design
(Sub-categories are)

Logo & Brand Identity
Art & Illustration
Web & App Design
Product & Gaming
Print Design
Visual Design
Marketing Design
Packaging & Covers
Architecture & Building Design
Fashion & Merchandise
3D Design

(Major Category) Programming & Tech
(Sub-categories are)

Website Development
Website Platforms
Website Maintenance
Software Development
Software Developers
QA & Review
Mobile App Development
Game Development
Support & Cybersecurity
AI Development

(Major Category) Digital Marketing
(Sub-categories are)

Methods & Techniques
Analytics & Strategy
Industry & Purpose-Specific

(Major Category) Video & Animation
(Sub-categories are)

Editing & Post-Production
Social & Marketing Videos
Filmed Video Production
Explainer Videos
Product Videos

(Major Category) Writing & Translation
(Sub-categories are)

Content Writing
Editing & Critique
Career Writing
(This category will offer services including Resume Writing, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile, and Job Description)
Business & Marketing Copy
Translation & Transcription

(Major Category) Music & Audio
(Sub-categories are)

Music Production & Writing
Audio Engineering & Post Production
Voice Over & Narration
Streaming & Audio
Sound Design
Lessons & Transcriptions

(Major Category) Business
(Sub-categories are)

Business Formation
Legal Services
General & Administrative
Business Growth
(In this category, you have Business Consulting for those who may want help with their remote business)
Sales & Customer Care
Professional Development
(In this category, you have Interview Prep – help with interviews)
(In this category, you have Life Coaching)
Accounting & Finance

(Major Category) Data
(Sub-categories are)

Data Collection
(this includes Data Entry and Data Typing)
Data Analysis
Data Management
Data Storage

(Major Category) Photography
(Sub-categories are)

Products & Lifestyle
People & Scenes
Local Photography
(includes an option that allows you to get a photographer in a local area; like New York City)

(Major Category) AI Services
(Sub-categories are)

Build Your AI App
Get Your Data Right
AI Artists
Creative Service
(In this category, have AI Video Art, the person will use AI to create an image or video for you)
Refine AI with experts

People have a wide variety of different freelance services they offer to people.

Here are some examples
(In my personal opinion, use only some of these examples for entertainment only)

  • Need help with knowing how the stars influence your life?
    Consult an Astrology Expert
    Type “Astrology Expert” in the search box
  • Want help understanding the star systems?
    Consult an Astronomy Expert
    Type “Astronomy Expert” in the search box
  • Want help in card playing at a casino?
    Consult a Card Counting Expert
    Type “Card Counting” in the search box.
    You will see a person named Patrick L. who describes himself as teaching you how to count cards for Blackjack.
  • Need help with caring for your pet?
    You may need a pet sitter.
    Search “Pet Sitter” in the search box.
  • Need help with your travels?
    Consider a travel agent to help your next trip
    Search “Travel Agent” in the search box
  • Looking for a conversational partner
    (often used to help a person learn a foreign language)
    Search “Conversational Partner” in the search box
  • Need a blessing for some reason
    Type “Blessing” in the search box to get people who will give blessings for various reasons.
  • Looking for a psychic for some reason
    Type “Psychic” in the search box to get different choices

Please evaluate each of these resources to see if they will work for your needs.

Now let’s hear from you. I have posted this content as a YouTube video on the Live Your Life Learning YouTube channel. You can type in the comments section. What services have you bought or sold on Fiverr? Leave a comment, and let’s start the conversation.

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