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The where: (August 21, 2023)

This week we focus on can help you find federal job positions with the United States federal government.
You can also look for remote opportunities with the United States federal government using

How to find remote jobs for the United States Federal Government

The remote jobs of the United States Federal government.

The United States federal government has two types of remote job positions.
The difference between the two remote job positions is whether the remote job position is fully remote or hybrid remote. Details for each remote job position will depend upon each job posting; remote jobs can vary.

The two different remote job positions are:

(1) Remote call fully remote job positions “Remote.”
Remote job positions are often fully remote job positions.
You may sometimes have to come to a physical location with Remote job positions. For example, you may have to train at a physical site.

You can find details on Remote job positions at: help screen called: “What is a remote job?”

(2) Telework call hybrid-remote job positions “Telework.”
Telework positions may give you a mixture of work time between working from home and at an employer’s location.

You can find details on Telework job positions at: help screen called “What is Telework?”

How to find remote job positions

You find federal government job positions (including remote job positions) through keyword search.
You type in keywords that you want to appear in the job posting.
You hopefully will then get a listing of job choices.
You then can select a job choice to get more details about that job position.

Type the keywords in the “Keywords” search box.

Remote jobs (how to find them)

You have a few options to find the more fully remote jobs called Remote jobs.

Find Remote Jobs in the initial job search

One option is to search for Remote jobs through your initial search.
You can type “remote” in the “location” search box.
You will then get a menu of choices under the “location” search box.
Select the choice called “Only show remote jobs.”

You will then get a filter created for your search.
The filter is a small black box appearing under the search options but above the actual search results.
The small black box will say, “Only show remote jobs.”
Other filters can appear in this area as additional small black boxes.
For example, you may see additional small black boxes listing the keywords you typed in for a federal job search.

Do the initial job search, then filter for Remote Jobs

Filter for the Remote jobs after the initial search
You can also filter Remote jobs after you have a search
After you search on, you will hopefully have a list of job choices that interest you.
You can filter down the job search using filters on the screen’s right side.

Select the “More Filters” box
You will then see a list of filters
Select the filter called “Only show remote jobs.

For Telework jobs, do an initial job search and then filter for Telework jobs.

Search for telework jobs after you have an initial job search on
You hopefully will have a listing of job choices.
You then can use the filters on the right side of the screen to filter jobs by telework.
Select the “More Filters” box
You will then see a list of filters
Select the filter called “Offers telework.”

Other important information related to job search on


When you apply for job positions on,
You will need to create an account.
The accounts are free.

Free accounts will allow you to apply for federal government jobs.
Other useful features can include

Save Interest Job Positions

Save interest job positions–as you search for jobs, you may find job positions of interest but do not have the time to apply for the job positions. You can save the position and apply for the job position later as long as the position is still being recruited. Be careful not to miss opportunities by letting the deadline to apply for jobs pass before you can apply for the job position.

Storage your job hunting documents

With a free account, you can store job-hunting documents.
You can store job-hunting documents like:

  • Federal Government Resume

(Federal Government Resume will often be more detailed than a private sector resume. For example, a Federal Government resume may list the number of hours you worked for a previous or current employer. You can create a Federal Government resume on the website)

  • Cover Letters
  • Transcripts

Hiring Paths

The Federal Government has job positions limited to people who have particular backgrounds. For example, if you are a United States Veteran, you may qualify for job positions in the “Veterans” hiring paths. list the different hiring paths on the right side of the screen.

Picture Symbol Circle–tells you the hiring path

The different hiring paths will have a picture symbol circle that will give a visual sign of that hiring path.
These same picture symbol circles will also appear in the job postings.
Picture symbol circles tell the job seekers what is the job applicant’s background needed to apply for that federal job.

Match the picture symbol circles in the job postings with those in the hiring path section on the right side of the screen.
For example, Veteran job positions in the federal government have a specific picture symbol circle.
You will see the Veterans’ picture symbol circle on the right side of the screen describing “hiring paths.”
You will also notice the same picture symbol circle in some job postings. When you see a Veteran picture symbol circle on a job posting, veterans can apply for that job position.

A job position may have more than one Hiring Path listing.
A job posting may have more than one picture symbol circle listed.

You may qualify for more than one hiring path.
The more hiring paths you qualify for, the more federal government opportunities will open for you.
US citizens make you eligible for the “open to the public” hiring path.

Click the “? Help” link next to the title “Hiring Path” words on the right side of the screen to get more details about Hiring Paths of the United States federal government.

The Federal government has different remote job positions. You may find your next remote job position with the United States Government.