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The where:

This week we look at is a popular general job search site.
You can search for job positions in various career fields; some of these positions are remote. is so popular that has a #1 rating in the Job and Employment category in February 2023, according to SimilarWeb. (’s popularity shown in creating Superbowl ads starting in 2021. has the financial power to afford to pay for expensive Superbowl ads.

Remote interest
Type “Remote” in the geography search “Where” box to show interest in remote positions. You may then get a listing of remote job positions.

The job description may not give enough information for you to determine if the remote job position is completely remote or hybrid. Completely remote jobs are where you can work entirely from home; you do not need to go to an employer’s location. Hybrid job positions divide your work time by working from your home and an employer’s place.

Contact the employer directly to see if the job position is completely remote or hybrid if you are unsure after reading the job description.

How to find job positions

Here are two ways that you can find job positions on

  • Keyword search–you can type words related to the job position you are looking for in the “What” search box.
    Ideally, you will then get a listing of job choices from your search.
    Each job choice on the list contains a word or words you typed in the search box.
    You then can select a job choice to get a more detailed job description.

Synonyms–synonyms are different words that describe a similar topic.
Similar Jobs can be called different names. For example, a “trainer” may also be called an “instructor,” “presenter,” or “teacher.” You can use synonyms to increase the range of job positions in the profession you are looking for.

Advanced Job Search Feature– has an Advance Job Search Feature that will give you additional options to search for job positions.
You may find the Advance Job Search Feature helpful in finding a position.
You can find the Advance Job Search Feature by doing a Google search for the terms “Advance search indeed,” or you can type in the following link below:

The Advance Job Search Feature allows you to search for options like:

  • “With all of these words”
  • “With at least one of these words”
  • “With these words in the title”

Searching by job title may give you a more focused search using the “with these words in the title” search feature.

  • Browsing Job Category-You can also search for job positions on by browsing categories.

You select the categories you want, and then you (ideally) will have a list of job choices to explore.

You will see the Browsing Job Category by scrolling down to the bottom part of the screen to find the link called “Browse jobs.”

You can click the link “Browse Jobs.”

You will then have two choices:

  • Browse by state–you can browse for job positions by state.
    You can see what job positions are on by state
    You can click the state that interests you.
    After you click a state, you may see a screen with additional choices to focus your search. You can select by category the city you want to find jobs in.
    Both state and cities listings are in alphabetical order
    You may find hybrid job positions that require a person to live in a particular geographical area
  • Jobs by category–you can also search for positions by job category function.
    You will see a list of job category functions in alphabetical order.
    Some of the different job category functions you may see include “Accounting,” “Aviation,” and “Legal.”

You select the job category function you are interested in.

You may then get a screen giving you more specific job-focused categories from that profession.

For example, you can click the “Legal” link if you are interested in legal job positions. You will then have a screen for more specific job-focused categories in the legal profession.
The specific job-focused categories are in alphabetical order.
The specific job-focused categories did list remote job categories. You can see “Remote Attorney jobs” and “Remote paralegal jobs.”

Other options of

Here are some other features of you may enjoy

Browse Companies-you can find a link called “Browse Companies” at the bottom of the screen.
Click the “Browse Companies” link to find an alphabetical list of companies.
Click a company, and you may find information like:

  • Reviews–you can read reviews from current and past employees who worked at that company
  • Salaries–you can learn about the salary information from people who work at that company
  • Jobs–you can find what jobs (if any) are on the website the company is trying to find people for.

Company reviews–you can find a link called “Company Reviews” towards the top of the web page. You can find review information from current and past employees of a company.

Find Salaries–you can find out the different salaries from different professions,

You may find your next remote career from has many features to help you on your next remote career journey.