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Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to improve your job search.

  • Have an accurate paperwork system.
    A job search can involve a variety of unique documents and pieces of information. Have a plan of organization for your job search. Otherwise, documents and pieces of information may get lost.


  • Write your e-mail address as the last part of the e-mail.
    You may use e-mail communication when conducting your job search. Fill out the e-mail address as the last part of the e-mail. That way, you do not accidentally send out the e-mail before you are ready. If you will out the e-mail address while you are still composing the e-mail, you may accidentally send out the e-mail when you are not ready.


  • Check your e-mail for grammar errors.
    Your e-mail makes an impression on you. Check your e-mail for grammar and spelling errors. Use grammar checker software to help you find errors. Grammar checker software tools can include Grammarly ( or ProWritingAid (


  • Double-check the spelling of a name.
    The name of a person is important; therefore, you want to make sure you have the correct spelling of the name. Misspell the name can create a negative impression for the e-mail.


  • Ensure you have a professional e-mail address.
    When searching for potential opportunities, have a professional e-mail address; do not begin your e-mail address like YouAreStupid, Myneedsaresupreme, or Letmewasteyourtime. Have a professional-sounding e-mail address.


  • Have an e-mail address just for job searching
    Have an e-mail address used just for job searches. You can prevent having an e-mail address that has one e-mail describing your cousin’s birthday party and another e-mail communicating your next professional opportunity.


  • If you find a website that is valuable to your job search – save it.
  • Write the e-mail address down to remember it, or use the web browser to save the website. If you use Google Chrome, you can bookmark the website. If you use Microsoft Edge, you can favorite the website. Other web browsers may have similar features.


  • Delete voice and text messages from your phone memory.
    You do not want to miss out on a professional opportunity because your phone did not have enough memory to store a voice or text message.

May you be successful in finding your next opportunity.