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Ways to Find a Remote Job (or Remote Careers) on Google? Use the Advanced Search Feature.

You may want to find information on remote jobs (or remote careers) on the Internet.

  • Where do you find information on remote jobs (or remote careers)?

I guess you could do a variety of different activities to find information. Some ideas could be.

  • Ask an expert (if you can find one)
  • You can ask a person randomly off the street
  • You could look at an ancient achieve looking through historical documents
  • You could guess
  • You could search the Internet using a search engine.

You could probably think of other ways to find information than those listed above.–some ways to find information are likely to be more effective than others. I want to focus on searching engines to find information on the Internet.

You can use search engines–places on the Internet that you can use to find information. Google would be a typical search engine.\

Not Finding What You Want–Try the Advanced Search Feature

If you are using a search engine and not finding the information you are looking for, you can look to see if the search engine has an Advanced Search feature.

The Advanced Search Feature gives additional options to search for remote jobs (or remote careers).

Let’s look at the Google search as an example.

Go to Google at
Then in the search box, type “Advance Search Google.”
Hopefully, you will then get a search result screen that will give you the choice of “ Advanced Search–Google.”
Click on the link “Advanced Search–Google.”

Advanced Search Screen

You will then see a screen called “Advanced Search.”
You then will have a screen listing different options that you can search by.

You can find some options that include:

  • all these words: – a search result would have to include all the words you type in here
  • this exact word or phrase – a search result would have to include the exact word or phrase you type in
  • any of these words: – a search result would have to have any of these words you type in.

You can either type in your search in the correct box search option or use the suggestions on the right side of the screen on how you can write out a search in the search box.
Screen list suggestions under the column title “To do this in the search box.”

“this exact word or phrase” box

Let’s use an example you are trying to find Instructional Designer remote job positions.
You may get a better search result if you search for the phrase “Instructional Designer” job as a phrase where the search result will display only those results with the “Instructional Designer” phrase in the entry.

You can either:

  • Type the phrase Instructional Design in the “this exact word or phrase” box.
  • Or you can use quotes around the phrase “Instructional Design.”

You then can put the word “remote jobs” in the “all these words” box feature.

You will then hopefully get results that have Instructional Designer Remote job positions.

In conclusion, a search engine may have an Advanced Search feature to give you more search options when searching for information on the Internet. Google has an advanced search feature that may help you achieve more success when searching for remote jobs (or remote careers) on Google.